I can just die and go to heaven!

OK, a lot of new music has come out from my absence... let's get this rolling! I have a video to edit and homework to do!
  • The new Hilary Duff song is very, interesting. Less of the heavy dance and more of the pop she used to do, but you can sense in the song that it's an older, more mature Hilary. I personally don't like it that much, but it might grow on me with time!
  • I ADORE the b-side to the Sugababes' 'Girls' better than the single itself. BUT, listening to 'Girls' and then 'Don't Look Back' is very cool. After the weight of 'Girls', with all the sampling, heavy instrumentation and compressed vocals, it's a nice balance to hear 'Don't Look Back'. This just goes to show that they thought about this single. Amazing!
  • Popjustice put up a clip of Same Difference's new song earlier today and may I just say, IT'S AMAZING!!! Let's just put it this way, the last time I heard pop like this, or even remotely like this, was last year, when the Sugababes released 'About U Now', but nothing as sugary-sweet as this. It's almost or certainly HSM-level pop, and by today's industry standards, it's a heck of a lot of pop.
  • And finally, Craig David's new song is proving to be one of my favorites this year. It's a lot like 'Forever', but let's face it, Craig David does R&B better. I mean, 'Forever' is, and always will be an amazing song, but Chris Brown lacks the consistency Craig David has had. I mean, 'Fill Me In' was and is still his best song for me, 'What's You Flava' showed everybody that he was versatile without loosing his style, 'Unbelievable' is a strong ballad-ish song and 'This is the Girl' grew on me. I'd give Chris Brown a few more years, and a few more 'Forever'-ish songs and the comparison will be equal but for now, I still think Craig David has the advantage. Plus, the song is DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS, and it has those standard Craig David verses before kicking into an amazing, addictive chorus. Genius.
Well, I'll post more when I get some more new music... so watch out!!


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