X Factor 5 Live Show - Week 2

I was meaning to start the recaps during bootcamp, but I had tons of projects and requirements to get done, so I'm only starting it now. So what in the world did I do? I(proudly) stole a playsheet from Popjustice, watched the show on my iPod, and took pictures of my ratings on my phone(crappy camera, sorry..). Note: The MacBook shown in the pictures is not the computer I usually use. I'm lazy, so I used this, the iMac is on a desk. Wanna see? Of course you do.

(Click to actually see what I wrote)

The Boys: I think as the competition advances, Simon tries harder and harder to pattern the boys after the successful American Idol contestants. Last week Eoghan sang 'Imagine', picked by Simon. Yes, he's young like Archuleta, and yes, he's vulnerable as well, but seriously Simon, WHY TURN HIM INTO ANOTHER ARCHULETA? What really hit the home run was when Austin sang Billie Jean in the same arrangement that David C. used. Yes, someone else used the arrangement before him, but Cook made it popular again. See? See? See. Scott, on the other hand, sounded a bit Leon-ish, or like a guy in a talent show here.

The Girls: Cheryl is a good mentor! Or is it just that the girls are really good to start with? Either way, the girls were strong this week. Alexandra was so-so, not much change from last week, but still good. Laura was a step better, but my favorite of the night was Diana. Her song fit her, and she did it beautifully. Based on tonight's performances alone, I think one of the final two is in this category.

The Groups: Let's face it, whatever Louis says, he's still gearing more towards JLS. Girlband sang probably one of the cheesiest songs of the night, if not the cheesiest, and those floating globes on the display? Eeew. As much as I adore Louis for masterminding Westlife(the best boyband EVER), he did all the wrong things with his girl groups. JLS however, WERE AMAZING! OK, fangirl mode, but seriously, they can sing, they can dance, and the songs they sing go well with their voices. I can imagine next year, when Westlife release their next album and JLS(hopefully!) release their debut, A CHART BATTLE! First it was Spice Girls vs. Westlife, and next year, JLS vs. Westlife, very possible.

The over 25's: Can I just get one thing straight? DANIEL SHOULD GO! I mean, from what I see, he's trying to be another Rhydian(although Rhydian was better..), but he just can't get the personality and training that Rhydian has. Plus, the songs he sing are SO CORNY! Ruth and Rachel are light-years better in terms of vocals, but I don't see Simon's point that Ruth should sing in Spanish just because she's Spanish. Simon was well aware that Jasmine Trias(AI, Season three, didn't like her that much..) is Filipino, but he didn't tell her to sing in Filipino.

The sum-up in one sentence: Girlband went, but Daniel should've gone based on tonight's performances.

What I want to happen next week: JLS and Diana to rock again, and Daniel and any of the boys to suck, so they can go.


  1. oh my God, it's actually good to see a fellow filipino ranting about the X-Factor which is better than AI for me. Anyways, i think Laura White should win. Dude, we actually have merely the same taste in music. If it isn't a cliche, i guess. :)

  2. It's equally good to see a fellow filipino with the same taste in music as me! Seriously, of all the people I know in real life, no one likes the same music I do!

    For me it's between Laura, Diana and JLS(I just HAD to put them in, but hey, they're good!)..

  3. agree. Diana is i think the one to beat. Laura will definitely have a recording contract even if she is eliminated early. Hope the television networks here in the Philippines air the X-Factor instead of AI. :D hahaha...

    keep it up. i love the new banner.



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