The Battle comes to an end..

Yes people, the battle of the girl groups has now come to a close in my books, as the last of the albums has been reviewed. To recap on my thoughts about the albums, check out these reviews in the order they were released:

Notes on each album:
  • Catfights and Spotlights is a very consistent album from The Sugababes, and it's possibly their most mature album yet. Side Chick may indicate them trying to break the US, but we won't know until it's officially announced. For now, Catfights and Spotlights is an amazing album from the girls.
  • Chasing Lights is a strong debut from The Saturdays, but there's a lot of work to be done on the girls' part. Although it's not the stellar album I was expecting, it's turned out to have some very strong songs, enough to make it a hit.
  • Out Of Control has got to be my favorite album of the year so far(I won't make my decision on my favorite until the year ends and all 2008 albums have been released..). With every song amazing, but a select few absolutely brilliant, the album is certainly mind-blowing. Mind-blowing enough to be iconic for years to come.
Now, here are some pictures and the final result of the score sheet I put up for download a few days ago. To download and fill it up for yourself, click here. To view bigger versions, click here.


Now, because GA won the battle and I really can't stand the album cover, I decided to make one myself. How does it look?

I'd love it if you guys send in pictures of your score sheets! To do so, just sent those pictures to and if there are enough pictures, I might post them here! haha.. fun, fun, fun!


  1. I hate the Girls Aloud cover too! OMG... I think im gonna make a new one... :D

    Yours looks great!
    simple and clean


  2. Awww.. thanks! Good to know that a lot of people agree with me when I say that they should really change the official cover..

  3. agree with u

    ur cover is so much better


  4. anyway, where'd u get the pict?
    could u give me the link?




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