My ideal Craig David Greatest Hits

I've already planted firmly in your heads that I adore Craig David, so when I heard that his GH album is coming out this year, why not make my own and compare it to the actual album? Here are the songs, single or not, that I think should be on the Greatest Hits album.
1. Fill Me In - The song that started it all. The song that up to this day, is still amazing and ground-breaking. The song that made Craig David. Obviously, this HAS to be on the album, it's arguably his best song ever.

2. Fill Me In Part 2 - Not a single, but it's an amazing 'remix', the way the two tell a story is just mind-blowing. This should definitely be on the album.

3. 7 Days - a 'cool' song from Craig David but nevertheless, it's a UK number one, so it deserves it's place in this album.

4. What's Your Flava? - I remember seeing the video to this on the local music channel growing up. The song is strong, and very catchy, enough to spell H-I-T.

5. Rise & Fall with Sting - Not a HUGE fan of this song, but it was a number two record, and the touch of STING makes the song all the more enjoyable to listen to.

6. 2 Steps Back - Sounds a lot like Fill Me In, and it's another song that should've been a single. Seriously, everything about this song screams amazing.

7. Don't Love You No More(I'm Sorry) - This is an AMAZING song, a song a lot of people can sing along to. The melody is just gorgeous, the way his vocals were mixed add to the already amazing melody. One word, beautiful.

8. All The Way(H-Money Mix Featuring Lyracis) - The original version of this song has a lot of groove, but this remix made it more Brit R&B. Either way, it's an amazing song, so it doesn't really matter which one you listen to.

9. Unbelievable - Ah yes, the staple Craig David slow song. By the looks of this song, he could have a future in crooning, give Westlife a run for their money(and their stools!) and take teenage girls' hearts by storm. Again.

10. This Is the Girl - This took a lot of time to grow on me(a month!), mainly because I don't like rap, but seriously it's another Craig David staple, mind-blowing. The song should've done better on the charts, but even I didn't know it was a single until the album come out!

11. Officially Yours - Another staple slow song ala-Unbelievable, and yet again, Craig David delivers. It's not just any ballad, it's a ballad tailor-made for Craig David.

12. Where's You Love? - One of the new songs that leaked, it's going to take some time to grow on me. I adore the middle when he goes "pulling up to the club, where all the ladies are waiting, I can see they look hot....", but I'm not too sold on the other parts. Is this another This Is the Girl? I hope so.

13. Insomnia - To close the album off, an amazing song, worthy of recognition. The melody is infectious and the verses just make you anticipate the amazing chorus even more. All in all, an amazing song.

14. World Filled With Love - The song has another very beautiful melody. You see, even if he's this heavy R&B guy, he still manages to make these beautiful songs that catch your attention. Isn't that what an artist is supposed to do?

15. You Don't Miss You Water('Till the Well Runs Dry) - It's like World Filled With Love, but it's a very, very beautiful song again from him. I'm beginning to think that Craig David is synonymous for edgy, soulful songs with groove and slow songs that just give you goosebumps, which is true. A very beautiful song to close up an amazing album.


  1. i wonder why "unbelievable" wasn't included in the actual craig david greatest hits album.:( i also noticed that the more craig became more physically buff, the lesser hits he had.


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