The Sugababes - Catfights and Spotlights

As I've said millions of times, I still think that last year's Change was a pop masterpiece, but how did the Sugababes' new album work out for me? Well here's what I think of the album.

The album as a whole just shows how much the Sugababes know about making music. I mean, they're moving towards a funkier sound, but they don't want their fans confused as to who they really are. Throughout the years, they've changed a bit, but nothing drastic, so now, if you listen over to their first album then listen to this, you'll notice the change. If you listen to Change then this though, it's not as evident. Sort of like GA.

Although Girls is a strong song, it took some time to grow on me. I mean, I've had the song for a few weeks now and I've only liked it now. Girls may be a nice song, but there are stronger songs on the album that overshadow it. Although, I think it was the right single choice, something good but not great, so it doesn't overpower the album(About You Now was an exception, that was amazing..).

You On a Good Day is a very, very, VERY good song, just a bit more and it could be amazing. I absolutely adore everything about the song! It's sort of the cross between the About You Now and Girls eras, which I think is what a lot of US acts can't do. Hanging On a Star is another great song. It's what happens when you mix amazing Swedish pop with a bit of R&B and funky elements, but once again, it's not confused. The song is very clear in telling you what it is and what it sounds like.

With them putting Side Chick on the album, could this mean that they'll be taking a shot at the US? I mean, the song is the perfect 'let's crack the US and possibly fail miserably like every other UK pop band' song. It's got a dominating US genre(R&B, which is big there right now, obviously..), and some hints of who the artist really is. But seriously, I adore the song, and if they even get a shot at the US, I'll be curious to see how they do.

Unbreakable Heart took some time to grow on me, but now that it has, it's one of my favorites on the album. It's a very deceiving song, it starts out very serious, like a ballad usually does, but then when you reach the tail end of the chorus, it just shows you a bit of what the song really is(when you reach the line 'what good is an unbreakable heart?').


OK, so I re-listened to the album, and another addition to my favorites is Sound of Goodbye. Another ballad, it's a very fitting song to the whole album, plus the chorus just explodes. Oh, and Every Heart Broken is a cool song as well. It'll take some time to grow on me, but it's another very strong song.


And now, the bonus track, She's A Star. It's even more R&B than Side Chick, but I don't think it qualifies for 'let's break the US and....' songs, the girls don't sing enough and it's a bit not them. The song itself though is AMAZING, I adore it! Of course, I'm not about to wish that they sing more of these songs, mainly because the pop they're making right now will slowly disappear if they do.

All in all, the album is good, very strong, but there are some songs that I just don't like. There are some songs that take time to like, and some songs that you can easily get sick of. Which is why it won't get a perfect rating from me.



  1. Oh. Nice review. I love the album. I'd give it a 4/5 rating. Still waiting for the Girls Aloud new album "Out of Control". xoxo

  2. OMG!

    iv listen to the album

    it was amazing!

    another pop masterpiece from SB

    i gave 4.5 / 5

    love 'em



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