This week's top ten!

Isn't it a good idea if I review this week's top ten songs and tell you exactly why they're on the list and in the place they're in? Of course it is. I'm bored, OK? Face it. When I'm bored, I make up all these crazy ideas. I've got the playlist all sorted out, so we're ready to roll!

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#10 - Keeps Gettin' Better by Christina Aguilera

Ah yes, everybody's trying to copy what Britney did last year, as if it wasn't bad enough. But that aside, Christina has once again bettered not only herself but Britney. The song has just enough Britney elements to become a hit but at the same time, it has enough Christina in it to leave her fans wanting more.

#9 - Will I? from the RENT Soundtrack

I adore 'Seasons Of Love', but this song is just different. It's simple, not over-the-top. It's an extremely beautiful song, starting with one voice and ending with three equally amazing and strong vocalists all together. They're only actually singing one stanza, four lines, but they make it seem like a whole song, and the melody is drop-dead gorgeous.

#8 - Can I Have This Dance? from the High School Musical 3 Soundtrack

Probably the most gorgeous song from the whole soundtrack, it's not surprising that Troy and Gabriella actually waltz to this song. It's tantamount to 'Everyday' in the second movie, in terms of how gorgeous it is, and besides, they're both 'happy' songs.

#7 - Forever by Chris Brown

This song has dropped quite a few positions since the last chart(weeks ago..), but I still adore it. Did I say that Chris Brown has created his best song yet? Seriously. Still a long way from Craig David, but all he needs now are maybe a few more smash hits and a number one album and he's solved. The song itself is genius, for combining the Doublemint slogan and the actual song and making the melody catchy yet dance-able.

#6 - Don't Give Up by Leon Jackson

Just narrowly defeating Chris Brown, Leon Jackson delivers on this song. We've heard the amazing single, and now we hear the even better b-side! I can see where Leon's going already, but I'm waiting for him to record an up-tempo. Moving on to the song, it's part of the slow development of Leon's newfound sound. Don't Call This Love is heavier, this song sounds so light and float-y, but still has an amazing melody.

#5 - Fearless by Taylor Swift

I absolutely adore this girl! Her album is probably one of my most-awaited ones of the year. I was expecting a growth in her music, enough to slowly show us who she really is, and that's what I got. This song is very catchy, and the melody is amazing! Like all the other songs I adore.

#4 - I Need a House by Marie Serneholt

So I heard this is going to be on the Same Difference album, and I surprisingly had the album in my library(untouched though..). So I gave it a listen, and I ADORE IT! The lyrics are a bit strange, but the melody makes up for everything. Have I told you how much I adore Swedish pop? Ok, I have. These guys make the best pop, and they don't seem to show any sign of stopping, which is good for people like me! more, More, MORE!

#3 - The Promise by Girls Aloud

OK, so they performed this on the X Factor results show, but I've loved it even before that. So I faced-off this and the Sugababes' Girls and this clearly won for me. The song is much more melodic, and it's less annoying, although it could do with a bit of work. But all in all, it's an amazing song, and the album is looking up to be drop-dead gorgeous.

#2 - Insomnia by Craig David

Sounds familiar? Of course. Remember I said that Chris Brown is still light years away from Craig David? This is the song that proves it. Chris Brown does his thing, and makes a fantastic song in the form of Forever but Craig David puts groove and soul into another fantastic song, in the form of Insomnia. What he does is something that has set him apart from everyone else, right from the very start. Craig David knows who he is, knows what works for him, and he uses it. The result? An amazing song with soul and substance.

#1 - Side Chick by the Sugababes

I reviewed this earlier today, so just read that review. I will say one thing though, this song is probably one of my all-time favorite songs.


  1. oh. i love Leon Jackson's new single. The Promise is just outstanding hope the album will be better though. Anyways, nice picks. :D


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