Flashback: Girls Aloud

With their new album coming out sometime in November, I think it's a good idea to go waaaay back to the start of GA, and see just how much they've changed over the years. But before we get to the music, can I just say something? The album cover is genius! Although Kimberly's hair could use some work..

I remember saying when I reviewed The Saturdays' Up that gone were the days when reality shows just kept on cranking out pop bands, well we all know that Girls Aloud is one of those bands that were manufactured on a TV show. Not only did they become the most successful reality show-created pop band, they became the most successful girl group ever. So let's take a look at how this all started, shall we?

The lead single, which also happens to be the title track, is perfect for it's title. I mean, we all know that the girls aren't your run of the mill Spice Girls wannabes, they started out a bit edgier than that, thanks to Xenomania. The song just fit them like a glove, and it did them justice.

The other singles also did the girls justice, and I think it's another factor that every good album should perfect. If your singles don't do your album justice, what use is it releasing singles? Singles are meant to let people hear what your album is about, so they'll go out and buy that as well, but the real test is the debut single and album. If your debut single is light years away from your album, what's the use of releasing it? You should've just released the album already.

The album tracks are equally amazing. They're all very dance/pop of the early 2000's, which is exactly what they showed us with their singles. The album explores different styles within that genre, there's ballads, mid-tempos and uptempos, which I think is another important factor in a debut album.

The fact that you shouldn't be confined to one style in a specific genre is very important. I like continuity, but I like change, as long as the change isn't too drastic. Once you've laid down who you are as an artist, I don't think you should change. I mean, it is who you are.

So all in all, this album truly catapulted the girls to stardom, for various reasons. Plus, I can't wait to here their new album!


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