Agnes Carlsson - Dance Love Pop

If Brits make amazing R&B(right now..), then Swedes make brilliant, mind-blowing pop. Pop that's all about the melodies, all about the songwriting and all about the vocals. Dance Love Pop, as the title states, is literally a treasure trove of amazing pop songs that just make you go wow. Agnes is already an experienced artist by now, and with that comes some amazing stuff. Obviously, the more you know, the better you'll be able to make an album.

I'm all praises for this album, but that's because it really earned them. Like the Girls Aloud album, every song is different, every song has distinguishing qualities, but every song shows who Agnes is, every song has something about it that ties the whole album together. In short, every song deserves to be a single, every song is amazing.

From the very first track, it's made clear that this is a pop album, a very good one at that. Release Me is possibly one of my favorite songs from her, it's amaaaaazing! It starts out with the amazing violins and all that monumental instrumentation before it launches into a disco-y but not over the top pop song, brilliant. On and On, the carrier single, is another strong song from the album, although I may have heard it too much for my liking. It's an amazing song, and a brilliant single choice though.

Now, Love Me Senseless may sound like a super cheesy disco-inspired track at the start, but it's not! OK, it may be disco-influenced but the songwriters manage to balance out the cheesiness with an amazing melody. How Do You Know isn't disco-influences like the tracks before it, but it's just as amazing. The melody, the instrumentation and the vocals make it one reason why this album is so amazing.

I Need You Now, Sometimes I Forget and Big Blue Wall are the ballads on the album, and they're done beautifully, melody-wise and vocally. I mean, who can write such amazing songs then have it performed by an amazing singer? Garr... I think it's safe to say that Swedish make the best pop music nowadays.

Whenever I hear Look At Me Now, I feel like I'm listening to Love Is All Around Part 2, seriously! The happy lyrics and tempo, the brilliant melody, and the catchy chorus are qualities that this song shares with Love Is All Around. Plus the fact that it's just amazing, like the rest of the album. Possible single choice perhaps? I hope so..

Don't Pull Your Love Out has these Spanish elements in it, but once again, we're given a brilliant song with an amazing melody. If Don't Pull Your Love Out has Spanish elements, the start and some parts of Open Up Your Eyes have Oriental elements infused into them. Amidst all that, Open Up Your Eyes still comes out as an amazing song, up to par with the rest of the album.

Let's take a moment to worship the people who wrote this album. They've done an amazing job, and they've made of of my top albums for 2008! It'll be really, really hard for me to choose my favorites, but hey, it has to be done, so here goes.

So, to sum up the album:
Best Track: EDIT Release Me END EDIT
Better Tracks: Everything Else
Least Favorite Track: I'm not that fond of I Need You Now at the moment, but it's still at the level of the rest of the album..
The whole album in one sentence: An amazing pop album that just proves that people can still make pop like this, it just takes a little effort and a lot of talent.
THE RATING: 5/5(Perfect!)

Click here to stream the whole album before you(possibly) buy it!


  1. I just listened to the whole album and I really liked it! Thanks for the Link!

  2. I am familiar with some earlier Agnes tracks but agree this new album just makes me want to smile! Those Swedes have good ears for melodic pop. You have great taste!


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