Girl Group Mania Part 2!

Part 2! As promised, here are more of my favorites but don't worry, I think I can swing a part three in a few days!
  • 'Rock Steady' was on All Saints' 'comeback' album and may I say, it's one heck of a song. Very 50's/60's but once again, updated. The music video was great too, with the black tears and everything. 
  • 'Tell Me Why' off the Spice Girls' last album, 'Forever'(which was outsold by Westlife, 3-1!) is for me, the best song they've ever made(tied of course with 'Stop'). It's got the whole R&B sound of the album but the chorus just makes the song. Very catchy with typical Spice Girls vocals so it's surely an amazing song!
  • The Saturdays' debut single 'If This Is Love' is a great song, especially for a group who are tipped to be the new Spice Girls(Louis Walsh is creating the supposed 'new Girls Aloud' and Jodi Albert's rumored to be in it..). It's very dance-y, and it sounds very British. Of course, they're like a lot of other manufactured acts but if I like the song, I like the song!
  • It's a shame Girl Thing didn't last for very long, 'Extraordinary Love' is very Spice Girls-like and when I say Spice Girls-like, I mean catchy, 90's like and well, Spice Girls-like! 'Last One Standing was good too, but that's another story.
  • I just recently re-discovered 3LW's 'Neva Get Enuf' and just like all the other songs, it's great! Very laid-back R&B and although I would absolutely adore the song without the rap part, I might get used to it after some more listens!
  • Girls Aloud's unique sound was yet again re-defined in one of my favorite songs of theirs, 'Love Machine'. It's swing-y, and dance-y, but it has a melody, it's something you can actually sing along to. 
Enjoyed it? I hope you did..


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