Some amazing new stuff!

Spur of the moment thing..

Here are some of the amazing new stuff I've found during my scoring through various sites.. want to hear any of them? BUY THEM!
  • Some of the most popular female artists have released 'Just Stand Up', an amazing, DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS song for the Stand Up to Cancer campaign. Seriously! It's very, very catchy yet it does what it's supposed to do, raise a lot of money for a worthy cause(insert 'awwwwwww' here). Despite a lot of flops in the charity single arena, this, I'm very pleased to say, has been done right and has earned countless plays on my iPod! BUY it now!
  • One of my favorite blogs just featured E.M.D., perhaps the hottest new Swedish boyband to come out this year. Their first two singles went to number one on the Swedish charts, and so did their album so I got curious. Turns out, some of guys who've been behind the likes of Britney Spears, Shayne Ward and Westlife also wrote a couple of songs for them. The album is pretty darn good. Seriously, get your copy NOW!
  • I just recently re-discovered 3LW(I know, I know.. late, much?) and I'm loving 'Neva Get Enuf'. On the subject of 3LW, The Cheetah Girls 3 was shown already(I think..), and soundtrack is amazing! Among my favorites are 'No Place Like Us' and 'What If'..
  • Although Michelle Williams' 'Unexpected' wasn't the gold mine of amazing songs I was expecting, 'Thank U' is a very, very pretty song among a few others. 'We Break the Dawn part 2' is another great track. Now if only I could get it without the rap...
  • I absolutely adore 'Summertime' but I just heard the NKOTB album sampler and there are quite a few tracks I'm eagerly awaiting, including their duet with Lady GaGa(my new guilty pleasure..) and some really great R&B staples from the guys. 
  • There's this new Hannah Montana remix EP floating around so I decided to give it a listen. I never expected and R&B-fied 'Nobody's Perfect', did I? No way. The 'Rock Star' remix is also a must-listen, a nice way to get a rest from all the uber-cheesy dance trash you get from the 'Non-Stop Dance Party'..
Whoot! enjoyed it? Want more? Discuss in the comments section!


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