Lady GaGa - Just Dance

Once again, my apologies for ignoring this blog, I've been really busy with Pop Addicted! and school.. but I'm back!
I wrote a review for the whole album on another music blog(go here), but lemme just focus on this song now.

This song is probably the most infectious song I have ever heard that isn't really that annoying, mainly because it actually has structure and a concept. The song doesn't just have a killer melody and some very memorable instrumentals nestled within it, but you can clearly hear once you hear the whole album that it was actually thought through, not thrown together for the sake of recording a song. As I said, there are some very key and memorable melodic and instrumental elements in the song, the same elements that make it such an infectious song but at the same time, let you know that it was thought about.

Throughout the rest of the album, most of the elements that make 'Just Dance' the amazing song that it is are scattered among the songs. As I said in my full review, it's like 'Just Dance' was stripped apart and the result of that were all the other album tracks.

This song is sure to get you hooked on Lady GaGa, so don't forget to support her and buy a copy of 'The Fame'!

My Rating: 5!!!!!


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