Vanessa Hudgens - Paper Cut

My apologies for ignoring this blog for AGES.

Vanessa Hudgens is the epitome of Disney, and she shows just how bad things can go for you if you put your career in the hands of Disney and get absolutely no say in what you do. Although on a side note, Disney has also came out with some of the best pop stuff(Jordan Pruitt, Vanessa's first album and The Cheetah Girls to name a few..).

This is where they got it all wrong, disastrously wrong. Vanessa was first marketed as a fresh-faced, innocent girl who was given a big break, that being HSM. The first movie was MASSIVE, and Vanessa was one of the hottest stars, along with her fellow cast members. She released her first album, which I think is great, better than her current one and then BOOM, nude pictures of her surfaced on the internet.

That's where her career turned Britney-like. HSM 2 was a copy of the first one in my opinion, but it was still a hit so OK. Then now, her album comes out and what does she offer? Bad Britney-sounding tracks, as if Britney tracks aren't bad enough to start with.

She's confused as to who she is as an artist. There are some tracks that are like the ones on her first, some that sound like Britney, Amy Winehouse and Gwen Stefani among others. I said on my other blog, Pop Addicted! that I'd rather she change styles completely(like Jesse McCartney..) and know who she wants to be than copy numerous other people and experiment with a major release.

For me, the only track worth listening to more than once on this album is 'Paper Cut'. It's an updated version of a song she could've put on her first album. Give it a listen, alright?


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