No Angels - When The Angels Sing

I've never really taken notice of No Angels, even though I do have five of their albums(yes, five.) so I decided to give some of their songs a listen. The first song I heard was not so hot but then I came across this one.

My first impression of it is that they sound kinda out of tune. You know when the song doesn't fit your voice and you try to sing it no matter what? Yeah. Kind of like Katelyn Tarver and 'Wonderful Crazy but whatever, it's not entirely their fault, the song doesn't match their individual voices but together, it's great. So then I listened to it a little more and I just adore the melody, plus the video's like a farewell song or whatever, genius.

And then I discovered that it was a single for them, which is great but it only reached number five on the German charts, which seems OK. Back to the song. The first verse is OK but the start of second verse sounds a bit off(again with the song not matching the voice thing..). All in all, the melody is amazing but the vocals I feel need more work. Check the video out!

Rating? 3.9, the vocals are not enough to pull the rating up to a 4..


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