Blue - Curtain Falls

I've listened to countless farewell songs from bands and solo artists but this one stands out. Of course, 'Say Goodbye' from S Club and 'Someone Like Me' from Atomic Kitten were great, but out of all the ones I've heard countless times, this is the song that stands out.

At one point, Blue and Westlife were neck and neck for the title of 'Top UK Boyband', Westlife with double figure number ones and Blue with maybe one or two number ones and the rest in the top 5 or 10. Even if Blue didn't perform on the charts as well as Westlife are still doing, they were more popular than your run of the mill new boyband who only has a one year life span, even though there were a few who deserved the chart success that Blue had and Westlife have.

That aside, Blue was once a top boyband, they were popular in the UK and Asia but not in the US, and they collaborated with the likes Steve Wonder and Angie Stone during their height. All of that came crashing down after their third album, they split up, released a greatest hits album and pursued solo careers(each have had solo albums but Simon Webbe was the only one to release a second) and just like that, one of the biggest boybands in the UK was no more.

This song is certainly very Blue, the sound is R&B with a pop twist and the fact that they can all sing makes the song even better. For me the second part of the verses are the best, the run-up to the chorus but it's really great, and Lee's voice matches the melody, which is killer. Here's the video, which is kinda cool but not quite.

My rating? 4.5


  1. hmm.. i think their one love is still the best to me... the beginning of curtain falls sounded alike to gangsta paradise song.

    renaye (


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