S Club 8 - Turn the Lights On

S Club 8, the band formerly known as S Club Juniors. When S Club spilt up, they took up the name and released an album and starred in a TV show before following suit. They existed during the time when UK Pop was at it's best, early 2000's but like most other pop bands of their time, split up within 3 or 4 years.

I seriously think that they're one of the best pop/dance groups ever, even if some people think otherwise. Their songs are catchy, cool and most of all, pop-y. There's no denying that they could've made more albums after 'Sundown'. S Club(7) were great, but their time had passed, their music was somewhat too 90's for the UK public, so they created a spin-off group, and they did them justice.

Their first album was great, but I think the single choices were too cheesy, like 'Automatic High' and 'One Step Closer', I would've liked 'Feel The Beat' and 'Wherever You Are' better. 'New Direction' though, was a great choice and it made way for their sophomore album, which I think to this day, is still a pop band masterpiece. 'Sundown' was disco-y but not over, 'Fool No More' was just great and 'Don't Tell Me You're Sorry' was my favorite from the three singles.

Although I think the singles were great, my favorite track from 'Sundown' though has got to be 'Turn the Lights On'. It's got all the elements of a perfect pop/dance song, the mid-tempo verses, a bridge with a 'minimal' instrumental and a chorus that just sounds perfect, plus the melody is just great, seriously. The only downside to this song is the start of the second verse, it's a little awkward, I would've liked it if all the girls had solos and the boys just sang during the chorus, that would be a nice balance.

Although it wasn't a single, they still performed it around TV shows(like 'Big Fun' which is also a great song) so here's a performance from 2003.

My Rating? 4.7


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