Keri Hilson - Energy

I'm not usually a big fan of very, very popular songs, mainly because they get annoying when I hear them everywhere but for the sake of this great song, I'll make an exception.

Keri Hilson has been collaborating with the hottest stars for quite a while now, she sang with Timbaland for 'The Way I Are' which was a huge hit and again with Timbaland and Nicole Scherzinger for another smash and I both hated them. So when I heard that she recorded a new single, I wasn't that excited but for curiosity's sake, I decided to listen to it and it was no where near what I had expected.

I expected this song with no structure, that started off with an extremely long intro, then a short verse and a chorus that didn't require that much singing, and maybe even a rap verse. I was totally wrong. I got a well-sung track with a killer melody and NO rap! I'm not a very big fan of rap(except for the Craig David track 'This Is The Girl', that is amazing..) so plus points to this song for not putting any in!

Keri Hilson is one brave singer, but for me, it paid off. She didn't go the standard R&B artist way with debuting as the main singer with a super upbeat, on the verge of rap song that everyone would surely adore. Everyone but me. She made an amazing song and although the compression could be minimized a bit more, at least she made an effort. Bravo! No official video yet so for now, listen to it..

My Rating? 4.8, the compression has to stop but other than that, it's great!


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