Girl Thing - Last One Standing

Sorry for not posting for the longest time and we start random week of the month with Girl Groups!

There was a time when the Spice Girls ruled the charts but in 2000 after three albums and a members' departure, they called it a day. Naturally, a band is to last for a maximum of five years and then self- destruct to make way for a new one, in the Spice Girls' case, a band called Girl Thing was being moulded by none other than Simon Cowell to take their place.

Their debut single 'Last One Standing' was a top 5 hit, not bad but not number one. If they had gone to number one, their following single, 'Girls On Top' which only peaked within the top 25 would be forgiven but alas, it didn't and so Girl Thing were dropped from their record company but their album was released in Australia as far as I know.

This song is very Spice Girls-y down to the lyrics and I understand why it went in at number five. The public like this, but I don't think they wanted another Spice Girls. Plus, they were gearing up for Girls Aloud, who sounded more, 2000-ish and 1990's -ish. Even though, the song actually grows on me. The chorus is extremely catchy, read: EXTREMELY CATCHY. It was later covered by an American girl group, Triple Image but I still think this version is better.

The video is kinda strange but it reminds me of the video of 'Wannabe' by the Spice Girls(duh..) but there are no embed links so just look for the video on YouTube. Here's a live performance of the song:

Rating? 4.2/5


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