Girls Aloud - Call the Shots

I've stated my love for Girls Aloud, and the fact that it takes some time for me to get used to their songs, this is the perfect example. When it was first released as a single, I wasn't too excited. At the time it was an OK song, nice melody, cool arrangement and standard GA vocals, so it just stayed in my iTunes library unlistened to for the next few months.

For some strange reason, during the last few weeks of summer, I was listening to all the stuff I used to listen to late last year like Samantha Mumba, Craig David, Leona and Girls Aloud and I stumbled upon this song again. It was nice to hear it when they stopped promoting it around all the TV shows, so it doesn't get annoying and I can listen to it when I want to, in my own time.

Naturally, I adored it when I first listened to it again, and I still do. It's different from what they had previously released but you know it's Girls Aloud. That's what I adore with these girls, their singles are different in some way but you just know it's them and I thank them and Xenomania for that.

It sounds like something from a particular era but I can't seem to pinpoint it yet, any ideas? Anyway, enjoy the video and if you like the song as much as I do, BUY the single! My rating? 4.5


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