New Music!

I still cannot believe how I survived January when there's so much new music out now!
  • First off, three video premieres. Taylor Swift's White Horse, The Ting Ting's We Walk AND The Saturdays' Comic Relief single, Just Can't Get Enough(will get to that later...)! All amazing! Yipeeeee!
  • One of the two main reasons why I'm so excited to day is because...The Confessions of a Shopaholic Soundtrack's out! I'm hyperventilating!!!!!!!!!! I'm addicted to the series(I read all five in a day!) but I've heard a few songs off the soundtrack and I got really excited! Will listen to the soundtrack tonight and watch the movie this weekend when it comes out! haha. I've heard that a couple of RedOne tracks made their way into the album so I'll have to listen.
  • There are two new Elliot Yamin songs out, I'm in love with them! Loved his first album and judging by the two tracks, Show Me and Fight For Love, his second album might even be better! Yay!
  • There's a new Natalie Imbruglia song out, My God and it's ok. Nothing special and I like Glorious much better! haha. Will be waiting for her album though.
  • Now, the new Saturdays' song. It's a cover and it's for Comic Relief so most likely it'll chart within the top three or even at number one. I have no idea what the original version sounds like, I think I knew the song before I heard this but I'm not so sure and from what I've heard, it's not bad. 
  • There's a new Michelle Branch track as well. Haven't heard it but will do after I finish the Shopaholic soundtrack! haha.
  • Marie Serneholt has a new song as well, Disconnect Me from the Melodifestivalen. It's not bad, but not my cup of tea. I still prefer I Need A House over it.
  • Speaking of Marie Serneholt, I was looking through old A*Teens videos yesterday and I'm slowly falling in love with the songs all over again! They kind of lost their spark for me a few months ago but I do love Perfect Match and Upside Down! haha.
I guess that's it, will have to whip up my review of the Shopaholic Soundtrack. yay!


  1. I do love the saturdays but find their new video baffling! Song is almost ace though, ranks very good indeed. Ah the a*teens - so perfect in their day :) My fave must be halfway round the world. it is a crime against pop that it peaked one place outside the top ten in england. they had a video where they pushed down walls and danced and everything!

  2. Haha yeah. The video's odd.

    Cool! I've got tons more to hunt down from them..


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