It's like they just disappeared...

A few years ago, there were some new artists who were releasing songs, new material and gearing up for their first or second albums but 2008 came and went and they still didn't have an album out. Here are a few artists who'll forever have a TBA tag on my music library.

The artist I've been waiting for the most is a girl called Gia Farrell. Her brilliant first single was on the Happy Feet soundtrack and for me it gave new meaning to pop music. It was fun, vibrant but contemporary and her vocals were one of the best I've ever heard. Her album was slated for a 2007 release but like others on this list, it never materialized. Throughout 2008 new songs from her would randomly sprout out, Obvious and Can and Cannot Do being the cream of the crop. I wiki-ed her just now and apparently, she was dropped by Atlantic in 2007. Garrr. Unless someone signs her quick, I'm afraid she'll never have an album. Ugh.

Now a pop group I've been watching out for since forever is A-List Alliance. I forgot how I came across them but I did and I've been listening to their stuff since forever. They remind me of a newer, more dance/electronica-based Liberty X and I haven't heard anything from them in almost a year now except for a few YouTube videos and their dormant MySpace. Where'd they go????

LAX used to be an amazing band, even if I only ever heard two songs from them. Once they became Kali, I lost interest. I heard the song, hated it and it's like they disappeared from the face of the earth. All I can find of them now are a few YouTube videos but I can't find their MySpace. 

Another big question mark for me is Asia Cruise. She's Pinay so I got curious about her. I've only really heard one song from her, Walk Me Out(it came close to entering my year-end countdown last year!) and I liked it. I did a little research and she hasn't been dropped, her myspace is up and running and apparently, the album is due this year! It better come out..

Avenue had a pretty bumpy ride, but the one song from them that's out is brilliant. They were the boyband that got disqualified from X Factor in 2006(Kian from Westlife was one of Louis' judges that year..!) because they were formed by a record company and had a management deal. So they were out and last year they released a single. I take it didn't do well because the album isn't out yet. They were supposed to go on tour this month but it was cancelled. Hmm.

Cassie burst onto the scene in 2006 with her R&B number one single Me&U and I remember that song in particular very well. 2006 was the year I got addicted to Westlife, the year my whole music addiction started. Because I was waiting for Westlife to somehow sprout out on local music channels and radio stations, I'd hear this. Of course we were months behind and it only hit radio here about four months after it was released in the US but what the heck, I knew nothing about music yet. So there, I was addicted. I loved the album and the subsequent singles but it's like after Long Way 2 Go flopped, she disappeared. She's had some material circulating but no album yet and apparently it's due for a spring release. Hmm..

I have absolutely no idea how I stumbled upon Samantha Jade but I did and thank God for that. She's had two singles but they didn't do very well and the album was originally scheduled for a 2006 release. Obviously it didn't pull through because it's 2009 now and all we have from her are four songs. Late last year a new song leaked but the buzz died down as fast as it started and now wiki's saying that she's going into film. Is this all we will ever get from her? ugh.

Along with Westlife, I was also really addicted to TRL in 2006, mainly because I discovered the wonders of MTV at the same time. So I was watching TRL(which was a week behind here..) and I saw Teddy Geiger. I liked the song, I got the album and I loved it, end of story. Around last year, I got curious about him again and I did some research, apparently he was bringing out a new album. So I got excited but then I forgot about it so when I checked a while ago, Columbia already dropped him. garr.

It's a shame these artists might never see the light of a number one single anymore and that their albums will forever remain 'TBA' but you never know, we might just hear something from them again one day..Gia , LAX


  1. I WANT Gia's Album Desperately!!!

  2. ooo great post - i miss a list alliance, all their dancey stuff disappeared and a pretty ballad went up for a while then nothing. criminal. And i thought young teddy geiger was previewing his second album songs to fans so they could pick the track listing then nothing. What a crock!

  3. Aaron - The question is that is there actually an album? She was dropped so I have absolutely no hope at all of getting that album..

    Paul - I know! The three songs I still have are brilliant but I have absolutely no idea what happened to them and yeah, he was but the last time I checked his site he had just gone on a little tour.. Wonder what's in store for him..


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