Alex Roots..

hmm. Was looking around PJ a while ago and I saw this. She's interesting, I don't think it's brilliant or anything yet but there's something about this song just I like. Sort of like what I thought of Girls Aloud when I first heard them so she's not hopeless yet.

Alex Roots is like one of those artists that take time and a lot of material out for me to absolutely adore but when I do, I REALLY adore them. The song itself is like a Kerli song during the verses and then it turns into this British Avril pop/rock thing once the chorus hits. I'm slowly liking this song, but I'm still a bit tentative about her. Maybe I'll go listen to her MySpace stuff...

3.5/5, I'm not convinced yet.


  1. i noticed alex parks on Music Week's playlist this week, and like you, am yet to be convinced. She is like some of the other acts in the "best hope for 2009" category, where i get excited by one song and then get a bit bored waiting for something equally as promising to break through. If you know what i mean!

  2. yeah.. she hasn't blown me away with anything yet, but if this is all she has for the next few months, I'm going to lose interest..


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