10 things to look forward to in 2010...

2010 will once again be my year and I think I can make it even better than 2009. I'll be a senior this year and I'll be taking the biggest exam of my life - it'll dictate my future and also the amount of free time I'll have this year. But that also means that I have to work extra hard on PRN AND omgkpop to build a body of works good enough to rival other high school seniors. Yes, I'm still extremely shy about my writing. But we'll save that for another time.

So, here's what to expect from me this year:

1. Reviews, reviews, reviews and MORE REVIEWS. It's the main focus of this blog so duh, there will be heaps of reviews. As always. I wanna be able to cover everything this year - American pop, Brit pop AND Kpop because I don't think I did it that well last year. Time to make up for everything I didn't get to say last year. Hahah.
2. The continuation of the vocal commentary special. I discontinued the vocal commentaries late last year because I was just starting a new writing job at omgkpop and I had to make an extremely good impression on the editors and senior writers (which I think I did). This year though, I'll restart the special because I really think it'll look brilliant on my portfolio and you guys seem to have fun arguing over my analyses. It'll start with a re-written version of my very first vocal commentary - DBSK. A more critical, less biased and better commentary, I think. And commentaries on Super Junior, 2NE1, possibly all 3 generations of the Sugababes and a few other groups.
3. Interviews. I have quite a few spill-overs from last year and I'm really excited about them, mainly because I've successfully moved over from all-indie artists to major label AND indie artists. Interviews to look out for early this year are with The Red Blooded Women, Jem, VV Brown, Priscilla Renea and EFFIN' DARIN. LOL. These are big.
4. A more mature writing style (WHOA. LOL). I may not notice it myself but I bet this year my writing will change somehow - I just don't know exactly how but it will.
5. More omgkpop articles. I'm one of the resident writers now so expect A LOT of news from me, OK? OK. There will be times that I'll chose omgkpop over PRN when it comes to my time during school days but I promise to at least fulfill everything that's written here.
6. My continued coverage of the DBSK saga. Yes, I've already had 4 mental breakdowns and I was on the verge of having another one yesterday morning but I didn't. I just hope these guys hold on this year and solve all their problems.
7. I can't promise this, but I can promise to do everything in my power to make it happen. POP REVIEWS NOW WILL BE A FINALIST FOR THE PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS AGAIN. I can't guarantee you guys that I'll win, but I at least want to get PRN out there again this year.
8. There's something I want to happen and it's probably what everything I'll be doing this year will be for - I want to establish PRN as one of if not the leading kpop review blog. There are very few kpop-based blogs that review the music side of things critically, everyone just posts news and short, brief reviews. No one really takes notice of musical growth or the technical side of things so I wanna be the first to do that. I want to make this blog legendary in kpop and I want to make fans more critical about not only the image and the advertising but the music itself.
9. In order to fulfill #8, there's something I have to do - I have to master my kpop history. I don't care how hard it is to dig for older acts and biographies of influential people but the kpop industry is small enough for me to master in a few more months. I have to be able to take any random piece of kpop history, explain it throughly and infer about future events from it. That's what I want to do - I want to know as much about kpop as I do about US and UK pop. I think if I just keep on writing about it here, it'll help a lot.

Now, this is something I've been thinking about for quite a while now but can't promise to see through.

10. The 50 most influential singles of the new millennium (2000 - 2009). They aren't the songs I necessarily liked or adored, they're the singles that defined the decade - the songs that the 2000's will instantly be linked to. This will start once I finish my vocal commentary special. I have a list of about 30 singles right now but there's tons of time to fix it so hopefully by summer I can get to writing it.

That's all for now - I don't wanna promise anything I can't deliver. Hahah.

The schedule for the coming days:
3rd: Vocal Commentary Special Re-briefing
4th: DBSK's Vocal Prowess V2.0 - The Intro
5th: DBSK's Vocal Prowess V2.0 - The Individual Analyses
8th: Review of Ke$ha's Animal
11th (?): Another Vocal Commentary (possibly f(x))


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