SNSD's Vocal Prowess: The Intro + Reference Tracks

SNSD's vocals are constantly under fire for being not good enough or some form of the word 'bad' and though I agree to a certain extent, there are times when those statements are not true for me based on what I'm hearing from the girls.I wouldn't particularly say that SNSD's over-all vocals are outstanding and brilliant but I can say that these girls try pretty hard to prove their vocal ability - it rare that I see a mimed performance (I think the only ones I saw were of their debut single..) and to be really honest there are SOME good voices in the band. Not everyone but there are girls who are better than the rest.

ALTHOUGH, if the first SNSD song you heard was Gee, the girls really do sound horrible on that. They're auto-tuned, processed, cute-i-fied and at first I thought the only one who could sing was Taeyeon and that Tiffany sucked! So I conclude, Gee is not the right song to gauge the girls' vocals on - it's not.

There are girls in this band who can sing, there are some who have good points to their vocals and there are some who are either sub-par or are really bad to start with so I split them that way. Since they're a big group, I've split them into three - the good, the bad and the ones who have good points but lack certain qualities. That OK with you guys? Also, note that since the group is bigger the members get less vocal time and so my comments will be shorter - they sing less, I write less.

If you're a fan and I don't like your favorite member or disagree with what I'm saying it's fine with me - we have different opinions but remember that this is MY blog. You're entitled to your own opinions and you can say them in the comments section all you want but in a civilized manner. I don't wanna see any "Jessica rocks - what the crap were you thinking" or "You suck, how can you say that?". You can say that YOU like one of the voices I said I didn't and you can say that you disagree with me but the minute you tell me I'm wrong that's out of line - I CANNOT STAND that.

Here are some of the tracks I used to gauge the girls' vocals as a group and individually for the ones who I don't have special cases with - one live performance of a ballad, another live performance of an uptempo, one recorded ballad, one recorded uptempo before and one recorded uptempo now. I used a few other tracks but these were the ones that I mainly used. Also note that these are also just snapshots of their vocals for people who aren't familiar with each of the girls' voices - my commentaries are based on everything I've heard from the girls so far.

Live Ballad
(Complete - Performed in 2009)

Live Uptempo
(Way To Go! - Performed in 2009)

Recorded Uptempo Before
(Girls' Generation - Released 2007)

Recorded Ballad
(the recorded version of Complete, the live ballad - Released 2007)

Recorded Uptempo Recently
(Genie - Released 2009)

Have you read over my intro, taken everything into consideration and soaked in all their vocals on the examples above? You have all day today to do that because the actual commentary is up tomorrow morning! If you're already familiar with the girls and their vocals, why not vote on the poll in the sidebar? The winning singer goes on the 'special master list' as your favorite voice.


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