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The Philippines is doing relatively better (this is as of 9:35 PM Friday night so yeah.) - it's raining now as I write this intro but not as bad as it was when Ondoy/Ketsana hit. The flood has cleared in most areas except the badly hit ones but the fear of this new Typhoon damaging us again is really killing me. However because most things have gotten back to normal or are on their way to stabilizing (except the horrid traffic in the big avenue right outside our subdivision), I think it's OK for me to start blogging again. To everyone who was there to offer support and comfort when I was literally freaking out because of this stupid storm, thank you so much!

First post after my fairly short break and what do I write about? Britney's new single. Great. Oh well - it's music and I have something to say about it so why not?

OK, so Britney's single was premiered on radio Tuesday night (here) and surprisingly, I gave it a chance (shows how bored I was when it came out). Naturally, I have comments.The song itself is good. I can't believe I'm saying it but the SONG - the melody, instrumental and arrangement are good. The middle 8 is strong (verging on brilliant, actually - I agree with Poster Girl!), the verses complimenting and the hook repetitive. The song as a whole is catchy and a strong pop song, what's more to ask? A lot, I'm afraid.

The lyrics are something 'Christian' (I put '' on that because people/religions who call themselves Christian and differentiate themselves from Catholics and Protestants are actually the exact same thing. Dammit.) conservative parents would love to have a stab at and something minors like me are apparently too young to hear. That's that safe answer - the lyrics are vulgar but look, this is a song, not a poem so who the hell cares what's in the lyrics? Since when did songs become all about the lyrics? UGH.

I cannot get over Britney's voice, I JUST CAN'T. She sucks, in my humble opinion. If someone else sang this song, say The Saturdays or The Sugababes, this would be the most phenomenal thing since anything. But no, this is Britney's song and her vocals on a scale of 1 to 10 are negative infinity. It's squeaky in all the wrong places, crackly when it's not supposed to be and annoying. Have I said that I hate her voice and it should just burn in hell?

So there. Short review but I've said all I have to - I like the song but not the singer.

So, 3/5 for the song - I take the vocals into consideration as well, I'm afraid - it's after all a part of the song.


  1. i think that's a good summing up of how I feel. Her vocals are never going to be a strong point of the song, but it's a decent enough tune with a spunky middle eight.

  2. I think it's just okay, her vocal is seriously very annoying in this song, I don't know why. Hehe.


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