Yes, I've FINALLY found something to do for the new special.

Due to a suggestion by rcLoy on my commentary of DBSK's vocals that I should do more of these, I got hit by a semi-brilliant idea.

Once or twice a week I'll whip up a long, dragging commentary on a pop bands' vocals and what I think of them. Sounds interesting? YAY! hahah.

The bands must be active and have had an album/single/any new material released at most a year and a half back. They also must have at least 3 members - if I post about duos the commentary might be too short!

So far here're the bands that I think I can manage to talk about with little research - if you have any suggestions they're very much welcome! This post will serve as the masterlist for all the posts in the special, it'll be updated every time I post something new. OK? Hahah.

SNSD/Girls' Generation
(split into 2 parts, 9 members!)
Super Junior
(split into 2 - 3 parts, 13 MEMBERS!)
The Saturdays
(3.0 or 4.0? Maybe I can do both)
Girls Aloud

more to come..

And here are the bands I'm not so sure about/ have to do more research on:

Big Bang - Because 2 of them are mainly rappers and I don't really know how to comment on rap. Maybe I should learn. Hahah.
2PM - Can't put all the faces to the voices yet. I can for a few members but not for everyone.
f(x) - I have to hear Victoria sing a part without any backing before I can comment! But this is highly possible.
SS501 - Not enough solo stuff floating around..
CSJH/The Grace - Not that into their back catalogue yet..
One Call OR Varsity Fanclub OR V Factory - Don't know their names and can't put the names to the faces yet!


  1. I'm excited about Girls Aloud and The Saturdays.

  2. can't wait for 2NE1 and f(x)!! ^^


  3. Ken - Hahah, I'm still confused over which lineup I'm gonna do though, 3.0 or 4.0?

    shanna - Looking for some solid proof of Victoria singing without a backing track that's more than the one line she gets in 'Lachata'. But I'll most probably find it in time!

  4. Woohoo! XD
    Can't wait for SuJu and SNSD!
    2NE1 too, I don't really fancy Dara that much but I'd love to think what you think. LOL.

  5. RE: Sugababes: I vote 3.0, and potentially 2.0. 4.0=zzzzz and lots of angry shouting from yours truly. Haha.

    RE: V Factory and One Call, if you need help in that arena: I'm your boyband girl. :)

  6. OH BLACKJACKS!!! hahaha... They RAWKS! and Big Bang? I could help you get more familiar with their voice... LOL both are my fav, hope you post both of them :)


  7. rcLoy - good to know SOMEONE agrees with me when I say Sandara sucks.

    Mel - 3.0 it is! Sure, I'd love to hear their individual voices a lot more (they don't exactly have a ton of music videos out.)!

    beE - Big Bang I can spot the voice even on a recording - it's just that I don't know how to judge rap! But I'll get it done.

  8. Just want to say how much I enjoyed reading your very informative Vocal Commentaries.

    I'd highly recommend 2AM, who are often made out to be the boring ballad-y brothers of 2PM but are really very talented. Check out their solo performances in their first fanmeeting

    Sweet Sorrow are another 4-man vocal group, stronger than 2AM but not quite 'idols':

    Clazziquai are very interesting in many ways, and singer Alex is one of my very favourite singers. His solo album is quite different from the Clazziquai material.

    And when you do Super Junior, perhaps you could consider Super Junior M too -- Zhou Mi sings well and has to carry a lot of the Chinese vocals.

    Fly To The Sky, comprising Brian and Hwanhee(Hwayobi's "husband" in We Got Married) have just split and gone solo, but were a very long-standing vocal duo.

    If you want to get into Korean rap one day, Epik High is where it all started!

    Keep up the good work and really look forward to continue reading your blog in future.

  9. Aww. thanks!

    Yes, I know 2AM but I'm not that familiar with their individual voices yet - I can't even identify all the 2PM members to their faces yet! But yes, I know they have brilliant vocals which is why they were made to sing ballads, something I don't get.

    I've heard of Clazziquai as well but never really got into their stuff. Not my type.

    Zhou Mi isn't bad! Hahah. I might but considering that there are already 13 members in the group, I'll have to give it some thought.

    I know of Fly to the Sky as well but their music isn't my type. I gotta know them well before I can comment.

    Tried Epik High, didn't like them. Their most recent album sounded confused to me and I really personally don't like rap so it's not something I really learned about.


  10. I enjoyed reading every one of your vocal commentaries so thank you so much for writing them.

    I was just wondering if you could do one on T-ara when you have time. They may be a new group but their vocals are pretty top notch (even if their lives aren't that great yet). And if you only know them for their Bo Peep Bo Peep song please don't let that put you off them because the rest of their 1st album is nothing like that =.=

    That's just a little suggestion/recommendation ^^


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