What's been happening?

Has anyone noticed that these past few months I haven't been doing any bulleted posts - they've all been paragraphs and paragraphs of me ranting on and on about trivial things. I thought for a while that I could pull off the all full review thing but I can't right now - there's too much I wanna talk about.

SO, here's a quick run-through of everything that's been going on in the world of pop I'm interested in. If there's something I didn't mention here but you think I should know of, SPEAK UP. I've been so behind on stuff lately it's pathetic.

  • The Saturdays' Workshaker has been out for a while but I haven't been able to listen to it 10 or 20 times straight - there's too much new stuff coming out! However I do have my favorite songs and Mel was right in saying that I just needed to digest it a little more. When I first heard the whole thing the excitement made me fall in love with it but then immediately after I felt that the album would go right through me when I heard it. After not listening to it for some time, it's quite good! A review to come SOON, I promise. School has just been the biggest pain EVER.
  • Cheryl Cole's Three Words (the song) has ALSO been out for quite a while. I don't like it - end of story.
  • Amy Pearson's Butterfingers is BRILLIANT. Apart from the talking/pseudo-rapping/chanting, the song is so damn brilliant I could fall apart. I swear, you wouldn't believe this was Amy until you actually watch it 'till the end - it's so hard to believe she's the same girl who sang Don't Miss You.
  • From the world of K-pop, f(x) and SNSD are both endorsing a cellphone via 2 different arrangements of the song Chocolate Love. What do I think of it? The girls sound crap. No really, Tiffany and Taeyeon SNSD and Luna f(x) who're the strongest voices of all 14 girls sound like the crap voices (won't name them anymore but you can probably guess who) - there's no difference because EVERYTHING WAS AUTO-TUNED SO MUCH. And the song really isn't that good. Yeah sure it's catchy but really, once you think about it that's all the song will ever be - catchy.
  • Now SHINee, my beloved SHINee. I heard Ring Ding Dong and I personally thought it was a little too confused with the instrumental and the auto-tuning but the more I think about it, this is the logical direction for them. SHINee need a song like DBSK's Rising Sun and Super Junior's U to take them away from being the SM newbies who everyone loved and make them an established boyband - they have to mature. Ring Ding Dong reminds me a LOT of SuJu's early 2009 hit Sorry Sorry with all the repetition and the auto-tuning but surprisingly, the rest of the elements are a lot more SHINee than I first thought they were. The full video isn't out yet but we've got a pretty damn good teaser and the MP3 to hold us up 'till then.
  • New boyband B2ST, now called BEAST (what the crap?), actually has debut single that's a bit better than MBLAQ's Oh Yeah recorded. Still, it's heavily auto-tuned and a bit generic. However, it's not that bad.
  • Speaking of MBLAQ, my theory was right - these guys are performers. No really, they're a heck of a lot better live. The song sounds more convincing, they're pushing the not miming thing and it really sounds like the song was made for a stage. Kudos to the guys! Hahah.


  1. I'm with you on Cheryl and Amy!! The Saturdays - i need to spend more time with it to make it work for me...

  2. Hahah. I've seen a number of positive reviews for the Cheryl song but I really don't see the brilliance.

    AH, right now I'm too engrossed with the fact that there's an overflowing amount of K-pop coming out that I kinda overlooked 'Workshaker'. Hahah.

  3. I agree with you on the Saturdays. It did grow on me, and now I love it. I can say that it is definitely better than Chasing Lights. I can't wait for my copy to arrive, which is like 2 weeks from now. I'll be looking forward to your vocal analysis on the Sats. I have a theory why their vocals are arranged as such especially for the Wordshaker album. Hopefully they'll be successful enough to release 3rd/4th singles from this one, if Ego succeeds. I hope it will be followed by Here Standing and One Shot. If Wordshaker gets released here in the Philippines, I'll definitely buy another!

  4. Hahah. The vocal commentary's in the works - have a little twist for the post, just wait!


  5. I'm not really lovin' the Chocolate Love track too, but hey at least the MV is great eh?? Hehe, I much prefer the SNSD version more.
    Ring Ding Dong reminds u of SuJu Sorry, Sorry? Seriously? I think Sorry Sorry is way superior. XD
    After lovin' Replay, I think it is a long stretch from what they sound like but it's still interesting, at least its not boring and uninspiring like the "Oh Yeah" song, damn, me and my friends are hatin' that song! Urgh! They gotta do better than that!

  6. I'm leaning more towards the f(x) version, but that's only because Amber's in girl clothes! Hahah.

    Read my review! Hahah. You'll see why.


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