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I first wrote about SeeYa back during the k-pop special when I knew very little about how the industry worked and what being in certain talent companies meant to your success. Let's just say that SeeYa aren't under SM, JYP OR YG.

The girls are back with a new single His Voice and it's literally nothing like what they used to be. It's a lot like Hot Girl though, following the trend of K-pop at the moment which is, I hope you don't mind me saying this but, pop songs with heavily auto-tuned vocals and instrumentals that go on and on and on that are meant to stick in your head for weeks. A while back as well, one of the members left the 3-piece and with the release of this new single introduced a new member to the group. I have two theories on the girls - one is K-pop centric and the other one isn't.

SeeYa used to be a ballad-centric band, the girls are known for stronger than strong vocals that can pull of difficult ballads like a bunch of amateurs can pull off an auto tuned number. His Voice is techno, Eurocrap and autotuned beyond belief that the girls' vocals sound like crap. Does that transformation ring a bell? They're going for none other than what The Brown Eyed Girls did with How Come and now Abracadabra. Their talent company must've thought "Hey, if The Brown Eyed Girls can come from a God forsaken talent company and transform from ballad singers with little publicity to one of Korea's biggest girl groups, why can't SeeYa?" Needless to say, these girls are cashing in on what The Brown Eyed Girls did - have I ever said that pop is all about copying someone else?

My second theory is this. One of the original members left a while back and with this new album she was replaced by a new girl. Once again, does that event sound like a certain British 3-piece girl group? Of course it does. I think in some way, shape or form and whether these girls like it or not they're going to be the Sugababes of Korea. 3 girls, one already left and was rather coldly replaced with someone else willing to fill in the spot. I swear, if another one of the original members leaves within the next few years I'm publicizing this theory until everyone agrees with me! Hahah.

On to the song. I said a while ago that this song is so auto-tuned that you'd think these girls absolutely cannot sing at all. I wasn't exaggerating. Seriously, the song screams lousy auto-tune with another cheap, tasteless and overused loop for an instrumental. Horrid excise for a single, really. The song as a whole is just like its instrumental - cheap, tasteless and overused. But I bet it'll be a moderate hit at the very least because the hook is infectious. I gotta hand it to the girls, the hook may be as annoying as hell but at least it has a melody. BUT, the majority of the song still sounds crap.



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