SS501 - Rebirth

I'm drowned in schoolwork at the moment (A 30-page paper on the history of my university, a reading primer for elementary school kids AND my final exams next week. I hate school.) but writing keeps me sane so I will write. If I don't, I might self-destruct before I even see the light of my final exams. If you're with promo and you plan to send me stuff, go ahead but I won't be able to answer until sometime next week after my finals - keep the stuff coming in though! Hahah. ANYWAY.SS501, the band famous for having Kin Hyun Joong play Yoon Ji Hoo (did I get his family name right?) on Boys Over Flowers AND be best friends with Jaejoong GOD DBSK. They're back as a 5-piece after a long time away from the Korean industry and a few quite unsuccessful attempts to break Japan (is it just me or are they trying too hard to be the next Tohoshinki?) - I'm not that impressed.

Yeah, sure this album 'boasts' of American producers and the guys are all in eyeliner for the album cover + over 60-page photo book but really, the entire mini-album sounds generic and overused. The slower songs suck, they bored me to death the first time I heard them and they're not songs I'll consciously listen to again. I'll still take you through all 5 songs though because it's what I do.

Wasteland is generic, nothing special and at the beginning very boring. One of those trying hard 'piano-influenced R&B' numbers that turns into an auto-tuned song somewhere along the way. I do commend the songwriter and producer for making the chorus more explosive and not anti-climactic like I thought it would be. The verses put me off a bit but the bridge kind of redeemed the entire first part of the song - the chorus is nothing special either but it's not bad and it has its appeal. The second verse is much, much more interesting, I now blame everything on the guy who sang the first verse. All in all Wasteland is probably the best song on the album, nothing to gush about but the middle 8 is GORGEOUS.

Love Like This, the lead single, is even more boring than Wasteland. It sounds a little like Wasteland but more commercial and you know commercial for me means bland and uninteresting. I like the production and I like the instrumental but the melody is just, just - NO. By the verses you'd think the song's a bit serious but then the chorus turns into this cheesy-ish thing that really puts me off. However if this is what they mean by maturing musically, I highly doubt that. They've changed, yes, but this is not 'more mature'.

The next track, Haru G/Ka (I THINK it translates to days pass or something to that effect? Correct me if I'm wrong.) is the boring ballad I was talking about. Pretty melody, not bad vocals (I don't particularly think SS501 have outstanding vocals as a whole but they're not bad. I'll get to that later) but the entire package has been so overused and it's starting to get a bit boring.

Obsess is boring as well. No really, it's bland, generic and sounds like a reject track for some new R&B singer who wants to be the next Usher or something. They didn't sing or sell the song very well either. Nice try guys but the next time you attempt to be all 'global' or 'international' by working with American producers, at least get the good ones, OK? Good ones anywhere in the world won't give you reject songs or will at least try to make the rejects sound good.

I can't talk about the last track, I really can't. It's so bad and corny and UGH that I CANNOT stand the damn thing. The counting before the first chorus was the last straw for me - really, prepare your ears for the worst before you listen to it.

Although I don't like the songs as songs or packages, I've got to say that I was surprised at the quality of their vocals on this album. For the longest time I thought SS501 were a lot weaker than their other boyband equivalents *ahem* DBSK *ahem* but their vocals on Wasteland and Love Like This and even Haru G/Ka were not bad at all. In fact, they were quite good! I honestly didn't know these guys could sing like that. If there's one reason why you have to listen to the album at least once, it's to hear the vocals. The songs suck, yes but I do applaud the guys for delivering their vocals better than I expected.

3.3/5 Sadly the songs still suck.


  1. Hi Nikki,

    Actually, when I came across your review about SS501's Rebirth, I actually didn't want to react at first. Apparently, as it turns out, so many SS501 fans have already waged war against you!

    I am a full-pledged SS501 fan and I love these boys with all my heart. Now, I'm not going to bash on you just because you wrote a negative review about my favorite group's album. That wouldn't be fair to you, because I know you just wrote your own opinion. And we are all entitled to our own opinions.

    You said that a lot of fangirls have called you a narrow-minded bitch because of what you wrote. You have to understand that these girls LOVE SS501, and these girls are extremely passionate about SS501. We care a lot about them. I know it's not very nice to call someone "bitch" and I apologize for that. But I can understand where they're coming from, because to be honest, I was also hurt by the things you said on that review. We happen to LOVE the tracks in that album, and most importantly, we LOVE the people who sang them, and reading something negative about them... as loyal fans, we are bound to retaliate. Some are a bit more feisty, but there you go. People tend to fight for the people they love, right? I know you know that. And that's just what Triple S fans are doing, defending SS501 till the very end.

    We love SS501 not because we are kpop geniuses, or we know everything about korean music. We love them because they're wonderful people who happen to be TALENTED and great singers. In fairness to you, I know you just merely wrote a review of their new album, and if you find it boring, then that's your opinion. As for us, we simply don't agree with you because WE LOVE their new songs! We are different and that's fine. But don't act as if you're superior to us because you know a lot about kpop. At the end of the day, we are just people who have different tastes in music. And what appeals to you, might not appeal to other people. But that doesn't make you an authority figure, so don't act like you're one. Maybe that's what pissed these girls off even more, because you talk like you're such a know-it-all.

    I respect your writing, and I respect your opinion and honest review of their album. But I also would like to tell you that we, SS501 fans also have our own opinion. I apologize for the harsh comments from some SS501 fans, but you also have to understand our side. I hope that we can push aside these differences and just support Kpop even though we have different idol group favorites.

    Just a friendly advice, don't mind people who drop you hate comments. Understand that they're just doing their duties as loyal fans. And don't judge them like they're good for nothing because they stood up for their idols. Don't DO THAT. And don't call us STUPID because we don't know much about kpop like you do. Supporting a korean group, being a fan of someone does NOT require you to be a genius in kpop. So don't call us STUPID!

    Lastly, thank you for acknowledging that SS501 have good vocals. And thank you for some of the positive bits that you wrote about them in your review. The negative ones, well, we will not be swayed anyway because we Triple S are supporting the boys all the way. I could actually fire a few insults at DBSK too, because I don't personally dig their songs. But nah, I won't. Because it's just a waste of time. You know what, listen to all SS501 songs even from before, and you'll see that unlike other kpop groups, almost all of their songs are really good and catchy. I just have one request, please don't bash SS501 too much, because believe it or not, these are wonderful people who are really kindhearted and just beautiful inside and out. If you don't know that about them, then I'm telling you now. The fans are going crazy because SS501 is one of the sweetest, kindest groups you'll ever see in the kpop industry, and we love them dearly. One bad review is like a stab to our hearts. I hope you learn to respect our idols, because we'll certainly try to respect yours too. Peace out.

  2. AH OK.

    Exactly what I've been saying from the start - glad to know you agree with me!

    But being extremely passionate doesn't include bashing other people for writing something bad about the band. I used to be the biggest fan girl of a certain band but I knew the had their flaws and welcomed bad reviews. You don't need to apologize - you weren't the one who said it! Saying you love the tracks is one thing and I'll accept that because I know there will always be people who like a certain kind of music but insulting me for writing what I think about that is out of line. I don't care if it's for defense, if you insult me I absolutely cannot take that.

    I don't need you to be k-pop geniuses but I just don't like people who don't know what they're talking about! (by this comment, I think you know your stuff!)

    I respect YOUR opinion too because you presented it in a civilized manner but once again, I was insulted and treated like trash just because I stated an opinion - that's something I cannot just sit and take.

    I've learned not to. This is one of numerous incidents I've had with fans lashing back at me for writing badly about their favorite artist - I put it aside. Although this is probably the worse one so far because it happened outside my blog. I'm not calling ALL of you stupid - you're not!

    I have negative comments for DBSK as well! Yunho can't sing! Heck, I have negative comments for a lot of artists, even the ones I really, really like! No one's perfect but it's the stuff they do well that we like, isn't it? I've heard SS501 songs, although not my kind of pop at first listen, there are a few that grew on me but they don't have enough material for me to get thoroughly addicted. It's a personal opinion - once again.

    I don't care if they're nice in person, this is a MUSIC industry and if all people look at for buying their albums is what they look like or what their personality is, they might as well just be models or actors. Music comes first, it's what SHOULD always be first because without the music the industry will disintegrate. This is what I think of the MUSIC, not the guys - music is nothing personal. If you're good I say you're good and if you're bad I say it too but that doesn't mean that you're a bad person if I say your music sucks.

    I respect them, I respect everyone but I'm entitled to my opinions because this is MY blog.

  3. thank you for this review. i am also sorry for people's reactions towards what you have to say. i am pretty sure anyone who has a craft would appreciate constructive criticism especially if composed well and positively.

    i've also had my trials and tribulations about blogging my opinions on my blog so i definitely can relate being on the opposite side, almost all alone.

    i learned that there are very constructive ways of composing ones' opinion about anything and that it(the words) would be taken positively.

    again, thank you for your candor and straight forwardness in your review (albeit, personally i find the songs very cute and happy cuz i wasn't expecting Shakespeare here), it made me listen to the album again and made me question, and isn't that what keeps us trying to improve ourselves?

  4. Point taken! Although it can be hurtful sometimes, negative comments that are presented in a respectful fashion can be considered constructive criticism. I'm not saying that SS501 is perfect. Nobody is. I'm not blinded like that. Even the most talented artist has their flaws. I respect differing views and opinions, we each have our own preferences, and imposing these preferences upon people is not a very nice thing to do. We can't demand people to like the things that we like. Again, I apologize for some fans who reacted violently and cruelly just because you wrote your opinion. But I implore you to understand their reactions.

    We happen to LOVE SS501 songs. We are TOUCHED by their MUSIC. Their music MOVES us. I think that's what's important. When a certain piece of music is able to move people, then I believe that it's a good song. It doesn't matter that we are not good in technical reviews or we are not able to expertly break down a certain song in terms of technical analysis and whatnot. As long as a certain song appeals to us and moves us, that's what matters. And just because people aren't musical geniuses doesn't mean that their opinions are worthless or they're people who "don't know their stuff". It's pretty degrading to judge someone like that just because they're not articulate in their comments/reviews or are not very educated in kpop. It's a good thing that you are, but people who aren't like that are not bad either. Again, you are entitled to your own opinion. If you don't like people "who don't know their stuff" then that's your opinion. I'm just saying that it's hurtful. Maybe that's what really pissed the girls off, and not just because you wrote something negative about SS501. Triple S are known for being kind hearted and passionately protective. But true, that's not reason enough to insult anyone. So if you were hurt by some below-the-belt comments from fans, even though it's not me who said it, let me apologize for it anyway.

    I agree MUSIC should be first and foremost in this industry. And I'm not saying that we love SS501 just because they're good and kind people. We actually really LOVE their songs. ALMOST ALL THEIR SONGS, for that matter! Personally, I'm not going to say that a song is nice just because I like the artist. It doesn't work that way. There are SS501 songs that I'm not digging too, but just very few. I could even count them in one hand. I'm not going to say a song is nice just because it's sung by SS501. But we fans really happen to love all 5 songs from REBIRTH album! Again, it all comes down to personal taste in music. And liking one type of music doesn't make anyone superior over another. Just because we dig one genre of music doesn't mean we're better than anyone else, and neither are you. We just have to remember that. Appeal is relative. What appeals to one person may not necessarily appeal to others.

    You're right, it's your blog. And you can do whatever you want, say whatever you want. But keep in mind also that people can read the things you write. So always always be ready for feedbacks and reactions, no matter how negative they might be. And be OPEN MINDED. Like I said, passionate people can sometimes FIRE missiles of INSULTS at you if they feel that you've INSULTED their idols... this is just HUMAN NATURE. It's human nature to defend the people you love (although I believe that it should be done in a non-violent way). If you're not open minded about this, then you're right... your blog will certainly turn into a battlefield. :) Thanks for reading. Peace.

  5. I don't care about your review, it doesn't change how I love SS501. If that's your strategy on negatively writing review on your non-idol group, FINE! I don't care.... I still love them and proud to be their fan.

  6. gateway2adventure - and it's not supposed to. THIS IS MY OPINION AND MINE ALONE. If you don't agree, fine with me and if you're a fan then great for the band.

    And NO, this is not some kind of 'strategy'. I don't like the album - that's the bottom line. End of story. I as in ME. I'm not saying YOU don't like the album or other people should think the same thing because that's disrespectful and I can't stand disrespect. This is MY blog with MY thoughts - please learn to understand that.

  7. Yeah, I KNOW. This is YOUR blog, I'm not blind, and YES you can write whatever you want. I'm a reader so I can say whatever I want. End of story.

  8. Yes, that's how it works. I say my piece, you say yours. But don't you dare tell me my opinions are wrong.

  9. To phtriples and Marge, I don't know what to say anymore. Thanks for being civilized in presenting your views and thanks for respecting my opinions.

  10. you're welcome. i hope you won't stay angry at Triple S fans for long, coz we are really nice people, just VERY sensitive and passionate. :) especially because sometimes the way you say your reviews and opinions are degrading and hurtful (like for instance saying that kim hyun joong should give up on singing because of one mistake). that's pretty hurtful to the fans. but i do respect your opinion. again, i apologize for those who let their emotions get the best of them. but they're all coming from a good place... the love for SS501. hope we'll all learn to meet halfway. :)

  11. As long as there are fans like you, hopefully not!

    That opinion was based on a lot of previous observations, his mistake sort of reinforced my opinion. But if that's how you saw it then I'm sorry for degrading Hyun Joong. The guy has his strengths (and he's friends with Jaejoong so yeah..) though.

    And once again, you don't need to apologize! Really, you don't.

  12. I can only imagine the hurt you must have felt from reading all of the negative comments posted. I also apologize on behalf of my fellow Triple S. I hope this does not construct a negative image of Triple S for you. The majority of us are respectful and well-mannered people. People are overwhelming passionate and sensitive towards the ones they loved most. Triple S is not immune to that. Therefore, I can understanding the mentality of fans no matter how fanatical their actions may be. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions. Though I may not agree with you on major points but I'm willing to respect yours. I hope this will not deter you from writing more blog posts in the future. Sorry again.

  13. Once again, you don't need to apologize for someone else's mistakes.

    I understand that fans love their favorite artists, I myself was once a fan girl but all I want is a little respect from them. Saying what you think is never wrong, but telling someone they're wrong for what they said is out of line for me.

    And I respect yours! You like them, it's none of my business to interfere with your personal preferences. Hahah.

  14. hi ^_^
    i respect your opinion on what you think of the album SS501 just released. to be honest, this is my first time going on your blog cuz i'm not really a big K-pop fan yet, i'm a J-pop fan but i'm moving to K-pop slowly now and SS501 was one of the first band i known from korea cuz of the drama boys over flower. i was only a hyun joong fan until a week ago.
    i wanted to know more about SS501 so then i did research because i really couldnt tell them apart except for 1 person. and the members i didnt really like, i ended up loving them because they were so nice and so awesome from the reality shows since there debut and in M-net! then i got the rebirth album and loved it, i thought it was cool and something outstanding. and i was looking something up and came across your blog.

    i think the other triple S fans are going overboard with the review, but i wouldnt blame them at all. think of it this way, your opinion will influence how we(the fans and everyone who reads the blog)think about the album and SS501. i'm not saying your trying to make people think what you think but it effects us alot and i'm sorry about what the other triple S fans said, fans stick together and cheer for the things we are fans of and when some fans do say stuff like that out of bad behavor and disrespect to someone, it's like us other fans are doing it to that person to. so i sincerly apologize to you. but can you please think about what you write first that wont effect the way we view things alittle. if i didnt get the album before i read this, i'm pretty sure i wouldnt have gotten it and probably think that SS501 might be falling down from the top and start to not like them little by little because this album is there comeback album and the fans were eagerly awaiting for it, but if they read it first, dont you think your distroying their faith in the singer/band. and i'm not just talking about just SS501 but every singer out there? i mean fans are fans, loyalty is loyalty and chances are they wont denie SS501 but it will probably plant a seed of doubt into them.

    nobodys perfect, everyone knows that, nobody is near perfect, not even famous people, but dont you think the fans should stick to there own opinion first before taking someone elses even if its not wrong and the person didnt mean to make there opinion someone elses? oh and i forgot, about what you said that its only about music who cares if the person is nice or not. i dont think its that simple, outside appearance does make a difference to who listens but inside is way more important (just a little bit more) the way you are effects the way you sing and what you sing and how you express it. lets say you like your favorite singer because the music they sing and how good they are at it right? what if the singer was different inside(not that they are different inside but if they were a totally different person) there appearance, music,fans might be different, they might even be popualar than they are now or they might fall to the bottom or you might not even be there fan. it all depends on them. fans mostly like who the singers really are inside, nice or mean, hot or okayish, funny or strict/determined on task ext. but you also said that its what you think when you wrote about the singer not being nice or not, and music comes first. so this is my point of view and i know you just know that some of what i just wrote about whats inside the singer does effect the music that comes out even if its good or bad and pretty good chances are that your favorite band/singer right now is because you were atracted to them and then u got 2 know them more and became a big fan. sorry to take up your time & i apoligize for the other triple S fans again.
    well bye, keep up the reviews but please think about some stuff you say first plzz. not only for me, but everyone that visits here. and i'm really sure that they will respect u for it because they know that your not trying 2 change what they like and not like!thankyou!!

  15. annhyeong!^_^
    uhmm..please don't compare SS501 and DBSK,the boys don't want it too..I LUV them BOTH!

    anyway,i luv SS501 because ALL of them sings well,each of them has his own voice quality.Another thing y i luv dem s bcoz of their personality,very natural.well,regarding d album,d 5 songs..i personally like "luv like this" & "wan du kong".

    honestly,i luv both groups,and i have heard ALL of their songs including music sum them up,generally speaking,ss501's songs are better than dbsk's BUT...BUT dbsk are better dancers n singers..soree 4 dos hu r one sided..i'm juz saying d truth..^_^ i realy can't deny d fact..PEACE!
    ..u can't compare them bcoz dbsk members r manly ryt from d start of their debut,dey hav d dominant aura w/c made dem on top most of d tym..while ss501 members r more of guys hu enjoy singing,performing and seems don't care about anything,as long as fans enjoy their songs and watching them..

    d 2 groups are buddies..both are pls stop comparing them okay?don't say anything against d 2 groups..if ur a CASSIOPEIAn then so be it,juz enjoy,same thing to all d TRIPLE S..

    as for me..i'm both,i even luv shinhwa and U-KISS!kekekeh
    KPOP fighting!

  16. I am not triple S but I do think the 3 track in Rebirth is nice ^^

    I like their song because the lyric is meaningful especially the last track. I think that song is special for the fans.

    Just my opinion ^^ Peace


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