Yes, you've got it right, I'll be doing a BIG giveaway in celebration of 2 years worth of music and writing. I've gone all-out for this and I've been teasing you guys via Twitter, so for crap's sake let's get right to it! wahahah. OK, OK, I know it's late, but would you rather I don't do this?

I've spent the past few months contacting PR companies I've worked with and who've shown interest in PRN during my 2 years and I must say, the amount of support I got surprised me. SO, thank you to the PR companies who're helping me out with this giveaway - it's greatly appreciated!

Let's get to business, shall we? I'm giving away a few LPs, EPs and exclusive merchandise from several artists you may or may not know of - so they deserve introductions, right? Hmm. Part 1 of the PRN giveaway was via Twitter, so if you were one of the three winners, you can't win the prizes below anymore.

Tristan Clopet

I'm giving away 3 t-shirts and 3 copies of his EP Purple. So you guys get familiar with him, I got to pick his brains in a short interview! Seriously, it's really short.

1. How would you describe your music and what sets it apart from other indie or even major label acts?
Musically, it's like your younger brother- sometimes he wants to play and have fun but other times, since he's just a kid, he's liable to get really sensitive from time to time. Lyrically, it's like your older brother- the experienced realist who always makes sure your not too full of yourself and have a firm grasp of reality.

2. What do you hope to achieve with this EP?
I hope listeners can enjoy it for whatever combination of family members they want it to be.

3. What do you want to be remembered for in the next 10 or 20 years?
Ideally, the guy who cured cancer. Realistically, I'd still like to be completely relevant in the entertainment scene in the next 20 years. Either making music or working in film.

Blue Angel

Another new introduction, I got the duo to answer a few questions via video. Yayyyy!

Whoot! So I'm giving away TEN (10) SIGNED, collectors' edition promo CDs of 43 Days with a unique b-side. You so don't wanna miss this.


Ju-Taun was one of the first artists I got to talk to on Twitter and all, after an interview and gushing-session. To be completely honest with you, they're probably one of the best a capella bands I've heard, ever. I love my DBSK and Westlife when it comes to a capella and all, but Ju-Taun are in a league of their own. SO, I'm giving away FIVE (5) copies of their album Love Changes Things. Weehee!

VV Brown

The simple fact that I snagged something from VV Brown should be the surprise, but it's not - it's what I actually got. *grins* I'm giving away a 7" and a poster, but only to US residents. Less competition then for you guys! hahah.

AND, last but not the least, a special package from Sony Music. *dances around room*

Becca+Kate Miller-Heidke
Kate Miller-Heidke: Official / Myspace / Twitter

I got to interview Kate Miller-Heidke late last year, and I'm pretty sure a lot of you know who Becca is. So, I'm giving away ONE (1) set of CD+Posters of Kate Miller-Heidke AND a copy of Becca's Alive!. Yup, just one set.


1. Find my tweet (this is a direct link already, just click it and RT the tweet that comes out) / Facebook wall thingy that says:

It's the BIG Pop Reviews Now Anniversary Giveaway! Details here:

Re-tweet or re-post it - then take a screenshot. Make sure your username and proof that the account used to re-post/tweet is yours is clearly visible on the screenshot or else it won't count.

I assume you all have either one of these, am I right? I am right. hahah.

2. Chose TWO (2) artists/packages from above - you'll only win 1 but there are a limited amount of stuff, if I run out of your first choice you'll get your second choice. Simple as that.

3. Compose an e-mail to POPREVIEWSNOWGIVEAWAY [AT] GMAIL [DOT] COM with the subject 'PRN Anniversary Giveaway'. Include your full name, complete mailing address, 2 giveaway choices and a screenshot of your post/RT on Facebook or Twitter. All details you send in will be kept confidential - I hate spam and all that crap as much as you do!

Contest closes on May 4, 11 PM Philippine Standard Time (GMT +8) (that's 2 weeks from now). Winners will be notified by the weekend at the latest.

If you have any further questions or want clarifications on the giveaway (mechanics, etc.), please do NOT address them in the comments section or on Twitter - ask all your questions on my Formspring account as it's much easier for me to answer everyone there. I will not be entertaining any questions asked here or on Twitter.


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