The Fourth K-Pop Writers' Workshop

If you follow me on Twitter or if you were already reading Pop Reviews Now last year, you'll know that since The K-Pop Writers' Workshop started last July it has pretty much taken over my life. In the best possible way. Through the workshop I've had the chance to read some amazing work and I've also gotten to know a community of talented, enthusiastic writers -- I would've trade any of those experiences for the world.

But I know that I would've never been able to start The K-Pop Writers' Workshop without Pop Reviews Now. Without the confidence boost this blog has given me, and without the invaluable experiences I amassed through Pop Reviews Now that I want other writers to experience as well. And at the same time, The K-Pop Writers' Workshop takes care of whatever I can't do on Pop Reviews Now. I know that (probably due to the critical nature of my pieces) a lot of my readers are writers themselves, and I've also encountered readers who became writers because of me (!!!!). Mentorship and community were two extremely important factors that made me keep writing about K-Pop and the workshop allows me to provide them to more writers, better.

So I'd like to encourage you to join The Fourth K-Pop Writers' Workshop! If there's a time to join, it's this one -- we're implementing major improvements to our program and strengthening our main components. We're also offering immediate incentives to ALL participants! Here's a quick rundown of what's new this time around:

  1. Form-specific feedback. We get more and more participants with each workshop and we want to keep the feedback supplied at the highest standard -- focused and thorough, but practical. In order to further improve the quality of feedback we will divide participants into three “paths” based on their pieces’ form -- reviews, expository essays and personal essays/creative non-fiction -- the most common forms published by major K-entertainment websites. These three paths will allow for more thorough feedback from peers who all deal with similar forms, while keeping as much diversity as possible through the different subject matters tackled by each form. Click here for a full explanation of our new system.
  2. A more guided writing process. This workshop has always aimed to be a stepping stone for new writers and writers who want to re-start their careers, as well as a venue for currently active writers to expand their portfolios even further. In order to help achieve these goals even better, we have added to our basic structure and emphasized the importance of revisions. We now ask for strictly unpublished pieces because we want to be involved as early as possible in the writing process and prepare participants (and their pieces) for publication to the best of our abilities. The goal is to get published, because that’s how it is in the real world.
  3. Workshopped pieces published immediately. Major K-entertainment websites theONESHOTS, Beyond Hallyu, Asia 24/7, and Dinoseoul are all looking for fresh, new content from our workshop pool. For the final stage of the workshop representatives from all our partner websites will look through all pieces and decide which they want to publish -- they also may or may not ask for further revisions before publication. Each site also has the option to hire the authors of the pieces they publish.
  4. An amazing new workshop team. For a more personal workshop experience and further mentorship, discussions within each of the three workshop paths will be facilitated by a veteran writer. Our team of facilitators includes second workshop participant Kay (of Radio Palava and Beyond Hallyu) for expository essays, second and third workshop participant Danice (of Inwardly Fangirling and The ONESHOTS) for personal essays/creative non-fiction, and former core group member Shweta (of A Splash of Inspiration) for reviews. They are some of the best and most prolific in their respective fields and they have all taken part in The K-Pop Writers’ Workshop in the past. Click here to get to know our new team better.

Applications for the Fourth K-Pop Writers' Workshop are open until June 13th. To apply, go to


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