"Dream High" is really exciting me now! + Secret's new teaser

It's only the start of the year and the new releases are already overflowing! Yay!

When all the fuss started, I wasn't really paying attention because to be honest with you I'm not really the biggest JYP fan ever, but now I'm seriously regretting my decision. Because by the looks of it, Dream High is turning out to be a Korean version of my beloved Britannia High, only with actual pop stars this time around! Paul will be happy.

Two songs off the soundtrack were released to day, and MY GOD. They're not the world domination-type songs, but they've managed to make me smile like a madwoman. In my state. I think you're all pretty aware of what's happening to me today - UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAM RESULTS. So yes, for these songs to make me happy at a time like this says a lot about them.

What I assume is the main theme song, Dream High, is probably one of the best crosses between soundtrack and mainstream pop I've heard in a while. I like the strings, and THANK GOODNESS Wooyong's the one singing - I can think of a lot of other idols who'd do better than him, but if I had to pick out of 2PM I'd pick him so yay. And it reminds me A LOT of Britannia High, minus the rapping. And what are these rumors I hear about people saying the girl can't sing? I mean she might not be the best singer in the country or anything, but she's a lot better than handfuls of other idols, majority older than her!

Basically, the song screams TEENAGE PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL DRAMA, and for me that's a very good thing.

The second song is an IU song - the heavens obviously love me today. It's very M2M-ish with the guitar line and the snapping and the melody, but I like it. It's acoustic but not in the trying-way-too-hard way, and IU's voice is at the right stage to sing songs like this. If she was any older, or younger, I don't think the song would fit her.

Dream High starts tonight on KBS2 and January 24th on KBS World.

In other news, the Secret teaser has just come out, and I have mixed feelings. The guy singing is rather.. strange, but if the four of them can pull this song off live, without acting all annoyingly cute, it could work. I believe I've said quite a few times that I grew up with Motown constantly playing at home, so Secret better do a damn good job or I'm gonna have to go after their agency as well when I go storm SME. And I really do hope they pull this off well, regardless of whether or not they sell a lot.

I will be watching, Secret, SO YOU BETTER DO A DAMN GOOD JOB!

The HoMin single will be out in a while, so expect a review later tonight. I am so on a roll!


  1. I'm very excited about this even though i won't understand a word that is going on! I shall write my own script in my head and definitely be getting the soundtrack! Bring back Britannia High!!

  2. cant wait for episode 1. thanks for posting all the music videos. they're in my playlist. *happily listening*

  3. I'm actually watching and loving the drama. I've read some negative reviews about how the lead female act but I totally disagree with them. I don't see anything wrong with the way she acts, I really like how she portrays her unfortunate tough-bratty role. Three thumbs up!!!

  4. I hate to comment, but for your post i am going to give it a try. You've got gained a loyal reader my friend


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