For the past few days, I've been itching to write reviews for all the new material coming out (sometimes faster than I can handle), but school has really been keeping me from doing so. In the past, I'd drop school and write the review, but I now realize that this is not the past.

I'm graduating in 2 months. I have half a semester left - a thesis to write, 2 "businesses" to run, calculus class to pass and a host of other curricular, and extracurricular, activities to do, and finish. Unlike the years before, I have to finish these things to graduate - when I leave in April, I leave for good, nothing can be left behind. Getting into university would be a waste if I don't graduate - this is the last stretch, I might as well do everything I can.

This is not like the previous years - 2011 is a turning point in my life, away from the blog and everything on the internet. I'm graduating from high school, and entering the top university in the country, studying literature from the writers themselves - this is more than my portfolio, it's what will define me. I can't afford to screw up, and I need the time that I'd regularly use for PRN, to spend on school.

Which is why I'm going on a hiatus. As much as I don't want to do this for more than a month - I have to. No reviews, no rants, no nothing - until I graduate in April. PRN is a big priority for me, as you all know, but you have to realize that if I don't graduate, the future I'm working for will be non-existent. A portfolio is flexible - it will grow when I want it to grow, and when I can make it grow, but an education will not. I have to finish this year, I have to enter university, I have to do all these things - so I can continue writing.

I will be back. I don't give up something like PRN that easily, trust me. You guys are one of the mean reasons - no amount of "thank you"'s and praise can accurately describe how much of PRN's existence I owe to everyone who reads, and comments, on my work - it means so, so much.

My archives are always open, and you're more than welcome to read back on my reviews over the years - I promise to come back with a bang, or at least find a way to. ;D



  1. Best of luck as you finish out your semester!, :).

  2. Take your time, school is important.

  3. Take your time! =)
    See you soon, wish you the best of luck.



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