It's been quite a while, hasn't it? Well apart from getting dengue (this tropical virus you get by getting bitten by a mosquito. yeah.) and being confined to a hospital, dealing with haters left and right, and not going to singapore because of getting the aforementioned virus that is fatal - I'M ALMOST GRADUATING!!!! And you know what happens after I graduate.

Just swinging by to tell you all that I'm alive though. I have around 2 weeks to make-up for everything I missed (because I got sick, duh) and tie ALL loose ends - if I manage to succeed, I graduate! And when I graduate, I go back to writing! YAY!

You honestly don't know how much self-restraint it's taken me to not write for this long, but this is for the better - I HAVE TO GRADUATE DAMMIT! As if I'd give away my slot at the country's #1 university just because I didn't graduate.

D-Day (aka graduation) is April 11, so expect me to be back by the 12th - if I do graduate!

As always, the archives are open - read away, but be nice! :D

I'll see you guys when I see you, (I am around Twitter and Tumblr and FB a lot though, so hit me up there if you need me or if you just wanna talk!)



  1. i can't wait for your return. :) i just love your vocal analysis on the bands because it provides a different insight that most other blogs do not delve into.
    I hope you get better. Congratulation on your graduation.
    i also admire your self-restraint. I myself can't imagine myself cutting myself off from kmusic even for a day.
    Congratulations again!!!

  2. I can't wait for your comeback because I crave for your reviews so much.
    Can you please do one favour and do a review on Girl's Day new song "TWINKLE TWINKLE" just want to see how they are doing in terms of improvement. SO prettily please
    A SUPER JUNIOR vocal prowess too ^^
    Sorry, I'm greedy

  3. I'm glad you're okay! I check your blog all the time to see if you've posted anything just in case haha. I'm looking forward to whatever you post next but take your time, graduating is important. Plus, everyone who supports you will still be here when you return of course.


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