[May 1, 2011] SBS Inkigayo Highlights + Commentary

I'm going to rush this out because there's an emergency here at home (nothing big, but I gotta go), so no really long whiny intro today about how their sound sucks. Just read the recap LOL.

Video credit goes to CrazyCarrot370@YT.

X-5 - "The Show Is Over"
Can I say it? OK I'll say it. X-5 are, officially, the most outstanding debuting act of the year. Without a doubt. The fact that they're doing considerably well on Inki means a lot, and it means that they're really damn good. Watching this performance made me realize something though. B1A4 and X-5 are a lot like DBSK and Big Bang in terms of performance. (And don't give me that "don't compare them" speech because I'm comparing them for the sole purpose of making YOU understand how the two groups perform) X-5 have strong vocals live, and very polished performances - every move they make on stage, from which foot to step with, how many steps to take, to where to stand and even when to smile, has been orchestrated, practiced and perfected - it's the epitome of manufactured, but it's a sight to your senses and it really glues your eyes to the screen. B1A4, on the other hand, can do dancing and can do singing live, but the entire point of their performance is make it look like they're having so much fun that you want to buy their album and have fun too like them. There is no superior method, and I personally think that both of them take a lot of talent and work to actually pull off, but I'm personally leaning more towards the X-5/DBSK style. Of course there's still a lot to iron out (especially all the moaning towards the end - the eff?) and they're not the strongest band ever, but as rookies in k-pop, they're exceptionally good.

A Pink - "Don't Know"
I don't want to waste any more of my energy on you so call me when you get your act together, A Pink. Then I'll think of talking about you.

B1A4 - "OK"
Like I said on the X-5 commentary thingy above, B1A4 are the "screw everything we're having fun" band. OK maybe not "everything", but you get the point. They're so fun to watch on stage and it makes you want to prance around with them. Of course not as sophisticated and convincing as Big Bang yet, but for a rookie they're pretty damn good. Second only to X-5, who, as I said a while ago, are outstanding. Strong vocals, captivating presence (to say the least) and a catchy song make for a pretty good performance. I like.

Dal Shabet - "Pink Rocket"
We'll talk when you get a decent song, Dal Shabet. I don't even know if any of you can actually sing because it's so crap!

Girls' Day - "Twinkle Twinkle"
You too Girls' Day, I'll get back to you when you stop acting like a bunch of 3 year-olds, especially you, Min Ah. It's not amusing. At all. It's annoying.

Infinite - "Nothing's Over"
I can't believe this is their last stage. I know it's not for long (too long at least), but my god have they grown over these past few months. As long as they keep up the strong material and do what they're good at, which is basically this, it's all good. I don't quite remember exactly what I said when they debuted, but I do know that I've always had a soft spot for them. For the right reasons.

Rainbow - "To Me"
I like their outfits today. :D Vocals are fine for their standards, and the performance was OK. Not much different from yesterday. Of course the crap sound hinders any kind of improvement from showing, but if they can sustain this next week I won't complain.

f(x) - "Danger"
It's like there's a trend between SM maknaes from SuJu onwards - they all have the most gorgeous, smooth vocals (Changmin DBSK not included because he's more on the high yet deep side). And from SHINee to f(x) it took some time for those vocals to show. 'Danger' works like 'Genie' for me - the more I hear it, the more I like it. Still against bastardizing Luna's vocals, but the song as a whole is getting better and better. And their strong live performances only make me like it more. The performance itself has never been a problem - with SM slave-driving I expect no less - but the vocals are FINALLY very near to where they should be. Just a little more, f(x).

4Minute - "Miror Mirror"
Aaaand Hyun A's back to sounding like crap. What's new. Jiyoon sounds a bit tired today, but that's about it. Oh, and leader girl's vocals are getting a lot better. Yay. The presence is there, obviously, and to be honest with you I'm slowly liking this song even more than I already did (I didn't like it that much, but you get the point), which is good.

After School - "Let's Step Up" & "Shampoo"
You know SBS, a pretty stage for After School most definitely doesn't make up for your lack of a decent sound system, and a decent sound guy. Once again, the backing track was turned up way too high, and yes, they have hand mics, but SBS still managed to make them sound like crap. Of course part of it is After School's fault because they're not exactly the best live singers, but they sounded decent yesterday! And actually if you listen closely they kinda do today too, it's just that the crappy sound is in the way. Lizzy was hiding behind the backing track today, because you hear an almost perfect line, then there's a mess right on top of it - either the backing track was too loud, or she's really hiding behind it.

U-Kiss - "0330"
Vocals today are just OK, and I'm starting to not like the song to be honest with you. It's like the more I hear it the more stale it gets. I mean it's a pretty song and they can really pull it off live, but it's just not my taste anymore. They're very suave performers - there's a mixture of orchestration and practiced movements and "let's prance around stage" to the entire thing, and not just in the dancing. It's polished.

Big Bang - "Love Song" (WINNER)
I've said this many times before, but in terms of really putting on a show, YG rules. In terms of making thing different but retaining familiarity, they also rule. And because Big Bang is obviously YG's flagship boyband, they also rule what YG rules at. That first minute or so was so cool. Not the biggest fan of "Love Song", but it works for me like a lot of their material - don't like it recorded, if I just listen I probably won't like it live either, but you watch them and you don't want it to stop. That and their vocals (of the 3 singers) are near-perfect - DAESUNG CAN I MARRY YOUR VOICE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEE. GD is a sight, but I close my eyes and meh - can he please shut up and stop singing already? But, based on this performance alone they are more than worthy of status, and all the awards they've gotten, for this.


  1. If you like B1A4's happy style of performing, have you checked out Dalmatian? Their vocals are quite good and I loved their first Mini-Album.

    Wow, are there any senior, pre-2009groups promoting? Is it just U-Kiss?

    The show seems bare for some reason. I still watch for AS though.

  2. Which maknaes are you talking about though? I mean, Taemin and Seohyun are obvious but SJ kind of has 3: original Kibum, "Eternal" Ryeowook and current Kyuhyun. f(x) also has "fake" Sulli and "real" Krystal.

  3. i never noticed the similarities between B14A-Big Bang/X5-TVXQ... well until you wrote about it. interesting! maybe big bang is why i find B14A slightly more interesting...

  4. about b1a4 and x-5: i was thinking the exact same thing. huh.
    i actually like dbsk more than big bang but i happen to like b1a4 more than x-5 at this point. maybe its the song itself that i prefer, but i for sure feel that x-5 is a lot more accurate in their execution, but they aren't quite PERFORMING yet, you know? but the second guy who sings has a gorrrgeous voice, i gotta say. b1a4 on the other hand has that sort of performance mentality.

    i'm glad its not just me that thinks that these girl groups are just incredibly ridiculous in how much they suck. *disgusted face*

    i'm so sad big bang is leaving...they totally awed me with their awesomeness with im so stupid/love song. *sigh*

    i think sulli and taemin should sing a duet. now that they can sing, i mean.


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