[May 8, 2011] SBS Inkigayo Highlights + Commentary

I only noticed it as a write this (I usually write my intros last, just before I'm about the publish these posts) that there were no boybands on today. I'm sad. LOL. I'm not complaining about the sound too much today, but I'd still like the sound guy to die for his crimes before, and now. So yeah.

Thanks to CrazyCarrot370 for the videos. :D

A Pink - "Don't Know"
They smile too much - they're too happy, almost like robots. It freaks me out. You'd think that they'd make robots with nicer voices though. LOL. My thoughts on them remain the same as all the previous performances. We'll talk when you shape up, A Pink.

Dal Shabet - "Pink Rocket"
I'm sorry, but I just have to reply to this comment I saw on the YT video for this performance. The person said (not verbatim) something like "I went to sing this at a karaoke place and I couldn't sing it! IT'S AN AWESOME SONG! YAY!" - words cannot describe how much I want to bang my head on this desk at this very moment. That is all.

SISTAR 19 - "My Boy"
The entire performance is so anti-climactic, and I have the perfect word to describe it - it's bland. At least audio-visually it is - there isn't that big a difference between muting the sound and putting it on full volume. However, I believe that Hyorin's vocals should be commended - they are consistent as hell. Of course the low-energy, not much moving required, song helps, but still. But then again, when have I ever not acknowledged that the girl can sing? I hate on SISTAR, on their performances, but I have never spoken ill of Hyorin's voice. It's the other 3 of them who I have problems with. LOL.

Rainbow - "To Me"
I've noticed over the past few weeks is that the distribution of lines among the band is pretty accurate, and the right girls get the most airtime, which ultimately has helped in making the performances of this now near-decent. Let's just work on getting these girls a song they can actually pull off well, DSP, and that should be good enough.

4Minute - "Heart to Heart"
OK maknae girl annoys me again. Hyun A's shaping up, good. Jiyoon's competent as always, and Gayoon is Gayoon. Hate the outfits though, sorry. But you know, the verses of this could've easily been ala-SISTAR 19 - bland and whatnot - but because they have presence, which doesn't always please me but is nevertheless there, the performance as a whole falls into place. It's just that the song isn't that amazing and their vocals are kinda blegh.

After School - "Shampoo"
I want my spunky, powerful After School baaaaaack. *whines* I'll go down on my knees again if I have to, Pledis, JUST GIVE ME BACK THOSE POWERFUL PERFORMANCES PLEASE. (and give Jung Ah long, straight hair please - she looks gorgeous that way) For a while I was fine with this new single, and it really isn't that bad, but I miss all the angst and power that made me like them so much. This performance is so bland (in a different way - not like the SISTAR 19 blandness) and too light and too now-AS that I'm getting bored. But I'm starting to hear rabid fan screams and the fan chants are getting louder and louder - yay!

Jay Park - "Abandoned"
He's not the best live singer in the world, and you know there are times when he's having a hard time, but he meets standards, and he can perform a 3 and a half minute song with minimal errors. And watching his performances along with listening to the song all weekend has made me realize that he IS a lot like a young, urban Rain. (again, do not give me the "don't compare them" lecture) The song itself is pretty, the recording very edgy and decent, but the performances bring it to a whole new level - he can sing, the song is good, but you have to watch him to see the magic. Everything about the recording is magnified, made raw and real by the right person in the right way - my god are these performances a sight.

f(x) - "Danger" (WINNER)
My stand on them is similar to how I thought about Miss A - I'm not crazy about them, but there are parts of them that I like, I DO understand why they win, and acknowledge that they deserve the wins. They all had handsfree mics today, and the difference of ALL their vocals when they use handsfree and hand-held mics is slowly blurring - it's still obvious, but not as obvious as it was during previous promo rounds.


  1. What do you mean by 4minute's maknae voice being annoying? I see that you wrote that about her voice for the past few music show recap. So I just wanted to know.

    Anyway, I love your commentary! ;D

  2. Another amazing commentary, i love fridays to sundays :D.

    Actually, i'm really starting to go crazy about F(x) now. A pink and Dal Shalbet are still blegh groups that make me want to gag with their stupid cutesy acts.

    I like Mirror Mirror better its more their style. I think i can guess why you don't like Sohyun (maknae's) vocals. Her vocals are really throaty, but i think with more training she'll be pretty decent. I take her over Jihyun anyday because Jihyun is really off in her performances. Gayoon still growls. Hyuna is getting more decent, i'll give her that. Jiyoon has a pretty voice, and with more training she'll be really good. Cube has gotten everything right except for A Pink. The outfits, especially Jihyun's hair are bad.

    I never liked Sistar, never will. So you can imagine what i think of SISTAR 19. Hyorin has a great voice, but i don't know, i could never hype up over it. Nor did i think it was anything special. Bora is okay, but she isn't the greatest rapper.


    Afterschool is officially in my top five favourite groups. I loved, loved their tap dancing routine and i liked their album ( i still can't get Virgin out of my head). Shampoo is a pretty song, but it seems too snsd for afterschool. I think Virgin would have been a better performance.

    wahhh, no guy groups? :( that's never a good thing XD.

    Nice commentary again and i'm really looking forward to your Afterschool vocal commentary :DD


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