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Edit: If you'd like to vote for Pop Reviews Now (only if you want to!), simply like this photo on Facebook! Aaaaaaaaaaaand, PRN is also a finalist for not only one, or two, but THREE awards! If you have your own blog, here's how to vote for PRN! Voting ends on December 2, 11:59PM Philippine standard time.

Before you all kill me for disappearing again, and before you all hound me with questions about the year-end special (which WILL push through), I'd like to announce something big. Really big. And unexpected.

As you know, in 2009 I was a finalist for the Philippine Blog Awards. I didn't win, but simply becoming one of the top ten entertainment blogs in the country was something huge, and something that pushed me to do even better. In 2010 I didn't get past the initial stage, but of course that didn't stop me from trying again this year. And succeeding.

Although the finalists for the other, non-voting, awards haven't been released yet, the list of finalists for the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice award have. And Pop Reviews Now is on it. And I freaked out this morning. And I almost died.

The award is special because this is where bloggers vote for bloggers. In short, it's an award given solely by my/your peers. Even if I don't win (because let's face it, not a lot of people are gonna vote for me), it's an honor simply to be a finalist for such an important award.

But none of this would've been possible without you guys constantly badgering me to write more and begging me to do more vocal commentaries (I'll get to them, I promise. and/or hope), and basically driving me to actually bring PRN places.

If I'm a finalist again for any of the other categories, I swear I might just die. ;D

But I'll see you guys on December 1, when I kick-off my countdown of my 50 favorite songs of the year!


  1. What can I say beside CONGRATULATION?
    I am really glad for you. You made Kpop more enjoyable for me through your commentaries. Really, I am not lying. Even though there are times when I disagree with your commentaries, but hay, everyone has got their own opinion. So yeah...
    I hope you would update more often. I know that you are busy with school works (me too), but this is just my little wish.
    And again, CONGRATULATION!!!

  2. omg, that's awesome!!! :D
    I really hope you win, because this blog is amazing. Your blog has really taught me a lot about pop music and has made me more critical of what i listened to. Even though i may disagree with some of your commentaries, you really make your posts entertaining and persuasive.

  3. Congrats for being a finalist.

    I also started a blog just a few days ago (transferred early posts out from my Facebook account), So maybe you could give a noobie some pointers on how to improve it. I am tied between making it humorous, serious or combination of both. I am also confused if I should make the topics a detailed analysis (which would make me out-of-date because I need to compile all the pertinent facts first) or just spur of the moment bite-size commentaries to make it easier to recall and not very tedious to read. The problem is, there is so much information that I wish to share, a single paragraph would not be enough. I am also arguing with myself If I want to be preachy and opinionated or just tell the story as a third party observer. One thing I wouldn’t want to take out is my penchant for adding my own personalized illustration or graphics. As you could easily deduct, I am still searching for an idendity to call uniquely my own and not just a clone or imitation of another blog. Thanks and more power to you, guys. ..and by the way,I am not after any award or recognition. I just want to learn how to bring out the best in me. Thanks again.


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