[November 4, 2011] KBS Music Bank Highlights + Commentary

Watching today's show made me realize how long it's been since I've watched more than a few cuts from a music show, let alone write a recap. You'll have to excuse me if I'm REALLY rough around the edges and allow me to slowly ease back into this routine, but hey, this is a start! I hope I make it out of this week alive, for the sake of my year-end countdown!

It's really no surprise who won today, but honestly I'm surprised at all the acts I've never heard of before! Oh well. Since it's been months since my last recap, for new readers, my music show recaps focus on idols and idol groups whose singles I've already heard prior to performance.

Video credit goes to UnknownCarrot180.

Boyfriend - "Don't Touch My GIrl"
It may be a quaint song, but my God, these guys really can't sing this song live, can they? It's like they equate singing well to singing loudly. No. They end up sounding like they're whining and/or sing-song-ing, and I'm sorry but that just doesn't really quality as actual singing. I watched one of their earlier performances of this though, and it was even worse, so I suppose this is the best they can do.

The Boss - "Lady"
Stunning song, gorgeous vocals, but inexperienced vocalists. Don't get me wrong, they are lightyears ahead of their peers, but looking at their vocals alone there is much to be improved. Everything up to the part just before the high note parade is perfectly fine - strong vocals, solid, consistent delivery and stunning harmonies - but the guy who does the high note, no matter how much his voice shone on that live video they released the other day, when left to his own devices he's not as sure as Mika or Karam. First of all, he cut the note in half. On one hand I appreciate that he had the foresight to not push the sustain, but after hearing that disaster of a note that came after that pause, I get the feeling that he stopped to "gain momentum" for a train wreck. My throat hurts after hearing it - you're overdoing the husk(y). Not really something praise-worthy. Try again, DGNA.

Orange Caramel - "Shanghai Romance"
We'll talk when you people stop putting out such cheap songs, coupled with horrid choreography and bad vocals, Orange Caramel.

Secret - "Love is MOVE"
I never thought the day would come when Sunhwa would become the second-best singer in the band. I always thought it would be the other girl. But then again, they've all really improved over the years, and Ji Eun can now sing her own songs with that pretty voice of hers! Strong performance this week, very explosive and consistent, except for that girl who now cannot sing. And I really like how the entire thing is perky and fun, but still melodic. It's one of those songs that does best live.

Brown Eyed Girls - "Cleansing Cream"
I finally understand how BEG challenge the k-pop norm, and it's not just in the song, it's in the entire package of the comeback. The song itself isn't anything groundbreaking, it sounds like several other songs, but the way they pull it off, and of course the fact that they're actually mainstream whether they like it or not, makes the entire idea of this release, somewhat off. In a good way of course. And the performance - of course it has to be different from everyone else who prances around stage or stands there - they're sitting down. Thrones, maybe? Again, the outstanding vocals get perfect marks, but the performance as a whole is really something else.

Kim Hyun Joong - "Lucky"
Whoever says that Hyun Joong can sing live clearly has no ears. He's gotten much more stable since going solo, but it's not like he has a voice to start with, so there's only so much he can do before. And why isn't he singing during the chorus? I don't care if the choreography is hard, you are a singer, you SING, you do not dance and randomly chant English. Oh Hyun Joong, when will you ever realize that singing solo is not for you.

SNSD/Girls' Generation - "The Boys"(WINNER)
The only thing on my mind while watching this was how I could accurately describe my rage over the excessive bass on today's performance. Let's just say that no, I haven't found an English word, but I do have a rather stinging rant in my native tongue, which I put on Twitter. As for the vocals, I don't know, there's always something off about EVERYONE's vocals, and I think that has to do with THAT STUPID BASS LINE DROWNING EVERYONE OUT. If everything was evened out on the recording, I'm afraid studio tricks mean nothing in the real world. Seriously, they all sound like they're being strangled, regardless of whether or not any of them are singing well. I'm sorry, but that really puts me off.


  1. OMG! It's been such a long time since you did your last Music recaps. Can't express how much I miss them.
    I adore Boyfriend's 'Don't Touch My Girl'. I agree with you regards their singing-live ability, except for the one who starts the first verse. I think he is okay, he's not that brilliant nor bad.
    As for the Boss's 'Lady'; I'll pass. I love DGNA but this song is just not my cup of tea. Somehow reminds me of DBSK's ballads but I am not attracted to the Boss's Korean ballads.
    Brown Eyed Girls's performance was the most impressive one. I prefer it over 'The Boys'.

  2. You have no idea how much I missed your commentaries :) I never fully agreed with all of your opinions but you write so well and have interesting thoughts all the time -- you're really informative and fun to read :D

    In this case, I agree mostly about what you said about Boyfriend. This song is miles better than their first single but the lives are quite disappointing. I think the thing keeping me from fully liking them is their lack of singing skills. Or maybe I just don't like how their voices sound, recorded or live (which is mostly a taste thing, I guess). They do dance really well though, some say as good as or even better than Infinite (Personally, I think they were pushing it by saying they're better than Infinite but yeah, they are pretty good XD)

    Also, Kim Hyun Joong probably thinks that going solo is an amazing idea because he's making more money alone, sad to say :(

  3. i agree about Hyunmin. He´s sick today, and only spoiler his note. But all time u speak KARAM is estelar or Great, or SECURE, i need really Laugh hard. Do u really don´t know him. No no, don´t understand wrong, ALL them are fine and strong vocalists but karam is just plain, and only too smooth next Mika or hyunmin...Like myself a musicist, i enjoy your comments, but i really LOL when you seem love Karam´s voice...

  4. Hyunmin might be off, but I liked the improv. It's what you prefer I guess, I love husky voices so I can't get enough. I do think it's weird you spend so many lines on Hyunmin's mishap but then ignore the fact that Mika's bit after that was off too. I thought that sounded worse than Hyunmin's improv.

  5. as much as i enjoy some idols' performance, lots of artists i've never heard before caught my attention. and i agree with your opinion except that i have to admit, despite his weak vocal, i like hyunjoong's song, and i enjoyed watching his performance. ^^

    since you've covered the idols, i'll write about another artists who caught my attention.

    first, the opening act. idk who the artists are, and they're pretty cringeworthy, esp their attempt to look like they played the instruments. kinda remind me of sphere (a japan girl "rock" band) actually. but at least the vocalist has an okay vocal.

    next, m.i.b's d.g.m is too addictive, though i don't get the lyrics at all. and they're pretty much okay on stage.

    and there we have norazo's comeback, with their trademark music style. i can't say i like the music, but they're entertaining for me in some way.

    simon d is also here, but i'm not really into the song. probably i've had too much hip hop this years and i found simon d's too bland if we compare it with another hip hop's comeback.

    sung si kyung again here? love the voice, love the song, but it's nothing blew my mind. and too many dry ice imo.

    and finally, the one who left me with deep impression, clover. i like the song. and who is the female vocalist?! i like her!! xD

    lastly, something about mubank has been bugged me. first, the mc. uee did a good job covering the late actress' spot. after watching her in ojakgyo brother, i kinda have a girl crush on her. but the actor... meh. his expression is too flat, he sometimes stutter... and it has been several months already. he's not someone with unique personality or cutesy like inkigayo's mcs and not someone we can ship like music core's mcs, so at least i can hope for a smooth mc-ing, can't i? and while it's all visual when we're talking about idol's music shows, mubank fell behind the other two shows in terms of visual. not helping is the camera works that fell less edgy than inkigayo for example.

    just my two cents though.

    thanks for your article anyway! ^^


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