The 2011 First Quarter K-Pop Report: Part 1

In case you haven't noticed (and I'm sure you have), I've been gone for pretty much the entire first quarter of 2011 and that's a long time in k-pop land. A LOT of things have happened and even with the short lul in releases a few weeks back, there's just so much stuff to catch up on! Believe me, it took a LOT of will power to control myself from opening up Blogger and typing up truckloads of reviews. But it has paid off, because I GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL! And I'm entering what is most probably the top Comparative Literature program in the country at the top university in the country - I know, I still can't believe it.

But anyway. My point is, I can't exactly write full length reviews on every single release that has come out since I went on hiatus - that's crazy. Or at least you can't expect me to get them done by this time! Gimme a break - I went from graduation, to graduates' ball, to choir camp (I've also formally "graduated" from the choir - even if I'm being asked to stick around in college) and I'm only getting the chance to sit down and contemplate on my life!

I keep on getting distracted - sorry, too many things racing through my mind right now. Writing this should take them all out, for a while at least.

I promised a "big comeback", I deliver a "big comeback"! Beware, this post is ginormous. It literally took me almost a month to put it together - from choosing the songs, to writing the reviews themselves, and to formatting the damn thing. Can you believe that this new layout doesn't support italics and bolds? It pissed me off big time lol.

Read on for more of my ramblings, and the post proper. Go go gooooo!

Originally I planned to come back with a rage rant about the "new generation" of k-pop fans and how some of them (NOT ALL OF THEM) piss me off beyond belief that would eventually lead to a new special, but then I thought coming back with anger after almost 3 months away isn't such a good idea.

So this first quarter report will basically give you everything that happened from January to March - the amazing, the good, the bad, the okay, and the horrific. All the fangirling, hatred and whatever else I do when I review songs, will be present - I promise you that my writing is just as good as it was before I went on hiatus. As if it was any good to start with LOL.

I've put the songs into 3 categories - stunning, okay, and blegh.

Stunning - These are the songs that have literally taken my breath away over the past three months - the songs that I'd play for weeks at a time, the songs that I'd listen to during late-night thesis writing marathons, and the songs that would bring me to tears. It's these songs that truly defined the first quarter of 2011 for me.

Okay - I may like certain parts of the song, but there's something holding me back from falling at it's feet. These are the types of songs I won't refuse to listen to, but won't really seek out every single day.

Blegh - In simple terms, they're the songs I don't really like, and the songs that aren't really any good to begin with.

Let's get right to it - I'm excited to say the least!

IU - "Someday"
From the "Dream High OST"
Released: January

Gorgeous in every single tiny little way possible. It may not hit you over the head with elaborate orchestrations and whatnot, but the gorgeous melody is enough to make you melt. Throw in IU's now-mature, yet still smooth and young, voice and you have magic. The chorus sticks to your head, and you're left humming it for ages - but it's not annoying. Because it's a beautiful melody. The arrangement to match was spot-on - not too little, not too much, enough dynamics while still retaining the natural dynamics of IU's vocals.

According to iTunes, I've played this over a hundred times now - this was the song I was listening to during hell week #1. If you follow me on Twitter, that was the week in January when I had this super long novel analysis to submit, dozens of survey questionnaires to give out, and exams left and right. So technically this was the song that got me through that horrid, horrid week.

Seungri (BIG BANG) - "어쩌라고"
From "VVIP"
Released: January

See, even in k-pop I'm the master of predicting post-album singles, or at least the songs they perform either with the lead single, or after the lead single. And I adored this before Seungri performed it anywhere, mind you. I haven't lost it - yay!

This is the right range for Seungri's voice - it's high enough that he doesn't sound like he's talking, but it's also low enough that he doesn't sound like a chipmunk. And this is one of the few occasions where I won't condemn autotune because one, it's tasteful, and two, when he goes up it's necessary so he doesn't sound strange.

The song itself is very YG, very Big Bang in 2011, but with that little hint of sophistication that they're pushing Seungri to have. Clearly, they're doing everything right. The melody's catchy, the verses are there, they're strong, but they don't overpower the hook, and the entire song builds up. That and strangely, the synths don't sound cheap for once. Hurrah? Yay!

JYJ - "Pierrot"
From "Music Essay: Their Rooms"
Released: January

I always have a hard time writing about my favorite band, because one, I either get told off for "not being a fan" or being "too much of a fan", and two, it's extremely hard to write about songs I adore, from my favorite band, without spazzing about Jaejoong and his gorgeous voice every 2 seconds. But what the heck, I'll try anyway.

Who wrote "Pierrot"? JAEJOONG! To be honest with you when he and Yoochun were starting all this songwriting and stuff, I didn't think they'd become this good. I mean they're no Yoo Young Jin or Teddy, but considering that they're idols, or that they were originally marketed as idols, this is a major breakthrough. Although I do attribute their interest in songwriting to the Japanese influence. Either way, we're making progress, Korea!

The chorus is catchy, but with the melodic-ness that makes you want to melt into a puddle of goo. But what really did it for me were the verses, my god the verses, they fit everyone's vocals like a glove, and everything just takes off from there, to be honest.

Park Jung Min - "Not Alone"
From "Not Alone"
Released: January

I like strings in pop songs. I like it when orchestras (or parts of it at least) are added to pop songs. So it's only natural that I like this, right? Because I do.

Basically the only thing I'm really following, and maybe dying for, on this song is that gorgeous string section throughout the song, and the percussion at the breakdown of the chorus right after the middle 8. There are times when the song gets a little cheap, like certain points at the chorus, mainly because of all the added pop elements, the actual string line, and sometimes the melody, but it doesn't always happen. I love the verses though, well apart from the 'stop stop stop'-ish parts, because you can really hear all the instruments but at the same time it sounds really full.

Like I said, that breakdown after the middle 8 is stunning. Like, if that's all I listen to for the next week I'd have no problem. It's like there's so much happening during that breakdown - strings all over the place, percussion, drum rolls and trumpets (I think), but sure sounds like one heck of a breakdown. And the segueway from that to the last chorus was brilliant.

To be honest with you, I said that parts of the chorus sound cheap, but then again this is a pop song - it's supposed to be catchy. So, mission accomplished. I guess.

MBLAQ - "Cry"
From "BLAQ Style"
Released: January

My problem with this song is basically my problem with everything MBLAQ puts out, only this time the song itself is actually pretty good. The production, albeit not stunning or anything, is competent, the melody stunning, and the arrangement spot-on. The piano parts, the tambourine, which was a nice touch if I may say so, and those water bubble thingies really gave the song character. It's a strong song, with the right mix of intensity and calmness throughout the entire thing so you don't fall asleep at one point.

Point is, it's a gorgeous song as a whole. Maybe even stunning. My problem? I cannot stand their vocals. Like, they sound fine during the chorus, most likely because their vocals have already been processed and mixed and all, but the verses just piss me off.

The thing with MBLAQ is that they're trying way too hard to do something that doesn't have to be hard - and it shows. Always has, always will. It's mainly for that reason that I chose BEAST over them back when they debuted in 2009 - because they can never seem to get the fact that things aren't always hard.

There's a word in Filipino, or slang rather - "palumpalo". It comes from the word "palo", which literally means hit or slap or something to that effect, and the slang means that you really put your all into things, and come up with this epic masterpiece. I know that's what MBLAQ are trying to do - like how their "mentor" Rain does things - but they fail to understand that yes, you have to work hard, and yes, you really have to sell yourself, but not to the point where you're making life hard for yourself when it really shouldn't be.

There are talented people in MBLAQ, Joon isn't such a bad singer and GO could probably go head-on with some guys from ZE:A or Infinite and win, but they're pushing it too much, at all the wrong times. Yes, Rain worked hard and yes, he may not be the most amazing singer around, but things look so effortless for him - for MBLAQ they look contrived and robotic.

Piggy Dolls - "Trend"
From "Piggy Style"
Released: January

First off, yes, they're not thin, but for heaven's sake need you rub it in their faces? So what if they don't have "s lines" or tiny waists - do you really have to insinuate that they're "piggy"? God. It just pisses me off, because they're talented and they're being treated differently, just because they don't look like everyone else. For an industry that's built around respect and whatnot, I find it appalling.

But on to the music. The verses are perfectly fine - those vocals just blow everything out of the water. I don't usually like big, scream-y voices, but I don't know, they're doing something right and it's turning out strong. I'm pissed that whoever produced this had the gall to autotune vocals like that - they don't need it, and I highly doubt they ever will.

Now, let's all take time to worship the middle 8 of this masterpiece. Perfection. When the keyboards lace with whatever beats those are - my mind is blown. But then some bastard decided it was a good idea to autotune almost everything after that. NO.

This is one of those songs that are okay verging on stunning. Wah.

G.NA - "Black & White"
From "Black & White"
Released: January

The song has both bad points, and redeeming qualities, so they kinda cancel themselves out to be neither an amazing song, nor a horrid one. Which is kinda a letdown for me, because I really wanted G.NA to get prime material and Cube is one to not really do well on the first release but make up for it on the second. Oh well.

On one hand, the song itself is really cheesy/cheap. Don't deny it, because it's true - it's the type you'd hear blasting out at full volume when there's a restaurant opening along a busy road or something. Everything about it actually - from the instrumentation to the melody to the hook - lacks finesse. It is catchy though, I'll give her that.

The redeeming quality? G.NA's vocals have sophistication, and that's one of the reasons why I liked her at the beginning - she can sing, yes, and although sometimes her voice can get squeaky, it has grace and effortlessness. Which ultimately saves the song from further horror.

Secret - "Shy Boy"
From "Shy Boy"
Released: January

If my memory serves me right, Secret started the whole "60's"/"Grease"/"American Bandstand" (emphasis on the "") themed song craze that spread over the past few months, with similar-sounding songs from Jewelry and Dal Shabet (although not as strong) among others. And to be honest with you they sold the entire package the best, in my opinion - so it was only right that they won those awards.

However, I did like that song on their teaser/the "intro" better. But I'm talking about "Shy Boy" so let's move on lol.

There are points in the song that they get too cute, and it does annoy me to a certain extent, mainly because you and I know they can do more than act cute to sell. The arrangement is.. how should I say.. pretty "authentic", but not "authentic" enough. I never really saw the point in trying to emulate the 60's all over again. I mean it was a glorious time for music, and I grew up listening to Motown, but if you're gonna try and do it, at least do it well. I'm not saying that Secret aren't talented because they are, I'm saying that even if the arrangement is decent and the melody catchy, there's a spark missing from everything - and it's that spark that makes such a big difference.

Jewelry - "Back It Up"
From "Back It Up"
Released: January

For the record, I'd take "Back It Up" over "Supa Dupa Diva" any day.

"Back It Up" isn't amazing or stunning, but it's a strong song, I'll give them that. Here we go again with building more than half of the chorus with one English phrase, but unlike Teen Top, it works for them, and the song. The new girls are competent singers, and although I miss Jung Ah's gorgeous vocals, the song fits them all nicely - which is probably the most important thing at this point. It doesn't show any mad ranges or amazing vocals off, but it proves that they CAN sing.

I have a difficult time talking about songs like this mainly because even though I did grow up listening to 60's stuff and this sound is supposedly "60's inspired" or whatever, I don't know the terms. I do like the trumpet line throughout, if that's a trumpet at all - it's got character. I said that Secret's "Shy Boy" is Grease-ish with a hint of American Bandstand - this sounds more like something that would end up on Hairspary the movie or something. It's old-ish, but updated at the same time.

Teen Top - "Supa Luv"
From "Transform"
Released: January

This is one of those "blegh"-borderline-"okay" songs, because really, it's not that bad. OK maybe it is, but it has good points too! A few. I think.

First thing's first. I CANNOT, for the life of me, unhear "I GOT THAT SOUP LOVE". And what makes it worse is that that line is practically the entire chorus - THEY SAY IT FIVE TIMES DURING THE CHORUS FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE.

Which brings me to my first point - why do they have to say that damn line so many times? OK fine, you can argue that "Sorry Sorry" was just as bad, if not worse, but would you really want to prance around singing "I GOT THAT SOUP LOVE"? I think not.

Speaking of "Sorry Sorry", to be honest with you this is like a Teen Top-ified version of it. Which basically means it's got near decent but not decent vocals autotuned beyond belief, average production, and their vocals sound like all the other boybands of their "generation". The "trying to be husky but not really succeeding so they end up sounding like they have a sore throat" sound? Yup. And why does it seem like only one guy is singing majority of the song (still)?

It is catchy though, I'll give them that. And it has a melody, no matter how processed and distorted it may be - THE MELODY EXISTS. Ordinary people can't sing it though.

Big Bang - "Somebody To Love"
From "The 4th Mini Album"
Released: February

My general observation on the Big Bang mini-album, though I really like the material, is that it doesn't sound like a Big Bang album anymore. To my ears, and to some of my friends' ears, it sounds like an album by GD, TOP, Daesung, Taeyang and Seungri - and not one by Big Bang. It's like YG has spent too much time promoting the five as solo artists and in the process they've lost that thing that makes them a group. Watching the performances, which are amazing, it's like I'm watching 5 YG artists coming together, and not 1 YG act. Whatever that's a good thing or a bad thing, I'll leave it to you.

Even so, I have got to say that "Somebody To Love" is amazing in every way possible. It's upbeat and extremely infectious, but without losing a melody, and of course Daesung's gorgeous vocals. When I heard the recording I loved it, but seeing them perform the thing live was just mind-blowing, to be honest. Everything's so sharp, so orchestrated, but it seems so natural for them - like there are no pretentions.

And that is why Big Bang deserve the success, in my opinion - because they are so good at what they do to the point where they make it look like child's play.

Gahee - "Come Back You Bad Person"
From "Come Back You Bad Person"
Released: February

Gahee, oh Gahee. Apart from being Yoochun's infamous ex-girlfriend and BoA's ex-backup dancer, she's probably the very reason why After School are the competent group that they are. They have their moments, and they've had their fair share of amazing songs over the past few years, but to be honest with you there are some members who are useless in terms of music - Gahee, Jung Ah and maybe even Lizzy carry the band now in terms of vocals.

Pledis should hurry up and "graduate" some members already for heaven's sake - since their debut they've brought in 5 girls, and only graduated 1. Jooyeon and UEE should go. Seriously. If Jung Ah goes then she better get a solo career or I'm gonna have to cut a bitch. But let's save that for my vocal commentary. YES, you're not seeing double or anything - I'm resurrecting my vocal commentaries just in time for their comeback.

OK ANYWAY. This is becoming an AS rant and not a Gahee review. Like I said, Gahee carries After School, so it's only natural that she be a pro at this solo thing. And to a certain extent, she is. From what I've heard, and seen, she's like a slightly better Son Dambi, which figures since she was Dambi's "mentor" or whatever. But remember, Dambi isn't exactly the best singer in the world. (DON'T even bring up her "MR removed" videos or whatever - because those are for people who don't know how to listen) Gahee's better, but her live vocals just don't cut it, I'm afraid.

The song is very melodic, and it requires technique, to be honest. I mean it's gorgeous, and her vocals on the recording are pretty good, but she just doesn't have the technique. I'm wondering why Pledis chose this for her, considering that they've gotten their past few singles right. (Even if she can't sing, "Queen" fit Dambi pretty well.)

Actually, the chorus reminds me a lot of a more serious, more melodic version of "Queen". Judging by the fact that they were from the same composer/producer/whatever he calls himself, well, I think you get the point. It's a very serious song, actually - minor chords thrown around all over the place, these really dark, heavy, synths throughout, and this club-like loop. And I like it. A lot? Maybe a bit, but enough for it to be in the "okay" zone lol.

5 Dolls - "Lip Stains"
From "Lip Stain"
Released: February

You know a month is low on new releases when I deem a song like this "okay". But to be honest with you, it's not THAT bad. Although it's one of those okay borderline bad songs.

It has a melody, for one, and you can actually hum it. It's not the best melody in the world, and it has a tendency to sound cheap (especially paired with that horrid choreography), but it's there, and it's perfectly "functional". The hook is rather cheap too, and the instrumentation is like you threw a few random percussion parts together and put some sprinkles on top.

However it kind of became a guilty pleasure for me last February, mainly because this was one of the few songs that came out that month and do you really expect me to still be listening to stuff from January majority of the time? I wanted to throw up hearing some of those songs because I'd already overplayed them lol. And don't start with "there's always Big Bang", because no matter how good the songs are, I can't listen to that for an entire month!

This is what I always say about Core Contents, they only know how to make 2 kinds of songs - cheap uptempos (most often autotuned beyond belief), or stunning ballads, which only a few of their acts can pull off. Yes, this applies to everyone under the agency.

That is all. For today. Can you believe I planned on putting everything from January to March on one post? I'm not. I didn't. PART 2 IS COMING THIS WEEKEND - it's the truckload of March releases all rolled into 1 post. Epic.

Believe me when I say I nearly died several times putting these 2 posts together.


  1. I'm so glad to see that you're back! I missed your reviews. :)

  2. 1st of all: Congratulations on your graduation!

    2nd: Welcome back to the blogosphere. You were missed.

    3rd: I agree with all but one. Big Bang. I'll admit that Somebody to Love was one song I didn't want to hear again in any language (it was one of their Japanese hits. IMO they should have went with Beautiful Hangover or Tell Me Goodbye). For a moment, Big Bang was feeling like 2ne1 for me: I hate the official recording, but I love the live. As biased as I am of G Dragon, the T-Pain-ish autotune setting for that song turned me off.

    I definitely agree with your assessment of MBLAQ. I hadn't seen the full MV until now, and... they look like Rain wannabes. They really want to be Rain and it shows. It's like listening to 5 Jonghyuns (as much as I love that boy, he sometimes over does it) sing Love Like Oxygen:

    "Ttereojyeo ggaejil deutan tumyeonghan neupe..."

    Since you're bringing back Vocal Analysis' again, are you going to do a reanalysis of Big Bang now that some of the roles have shifted a bit? G Dragon had some substantial solo singing lines in their 4th mini (Cafe), Special Edition (Love Song, Stupid Liar), and in GD&TOP vol 1 (Baby Good Night, Jibe Gajimal, Obsession (Listen to the live for less processing. He sings the harmony of the chorus.)). TOP sang in (though there was a bit of processing behind it) Oh Mom and Of All Days (autotuned at times, but tasteful), and the first lines of Love Song.

  3. I guess I'm the only one who think's Gahee's voice is plain. Pretty but very plain. I was kinda surprised you didn't bring up the songs structure though, or rather lack thereof. Oh wells, you've been really busy lol

    I agree with just about everything so far except JYJ's pierrot. I mean I just think the vocals are what make the song instead of the song itself. Idk, it's just a typical song to me, albeit a very well sung one.

    Oh and Secret and Jewelry's retro concept is based on the 50's not the 60's... Especially Secret's styling choices, that's all 50's inspired, also both Grease and American band stand are 50's creations.

    Anyways, looking forward to your thoughts on all the other releases as well as your after school vocal commentary. Actually, especially looking forward to the After School vocal commentary. And congrats on your academic success!~ I'm sure you'll do amazingly

  4. Omg your back!!!! Congrats on your graduation!!! :DD
    Seriously, this post made my day. I was feeling all depressed about mid-terms and then i found your latest post and i was like "YESS SHE'S BACK!!"

    I agree with you on MBLAQ, they are trying a little to hard to be like Rain. But in reality the will never be Rain, they'll be MBLAQ. Vocally this group isn't bad and they dance really well to. Plus, they rap which is something that Rain never really did. G.O, he's actually pretty good, but i've heard better then him. Overall i do like MBLAQ, but i wish they would stop trying so hard.

    I don't like 5dolls, Girl's day, or any of these new groups. For me they're all a dissapointment, and i hate it when allkpop makes it sound like the greatest thing that will happen in history.

    I liked Gahee's song, i like the chorus, but there were some moments were i was like "Why did they used the autotune?" and i felt like the song stopped of all of the sudden.

    The problem with Big Bang's comeback was that some of the songs still felt like a G.D/T.O.P song with the other three as back up. I wasn't that impressed, but there were a few songs that i liked.

    Piggy dolls: i think they have talent. They can sing a whole lot better than most of these new groups and its really sad that they're getting judged by their appearance. Korean industries enforce that you have to be skinny to liked. Take Hara from Kara from an instance she may be skinny, but no matter what they say she will forever suck at singing.

    I am very proud of JYJ who is really trying so hard to make music. They have strong and gorgeous vocals, and they write their own songs! The fact that they are writing their own songs is what i find to be a huge stepping stone for them. I applaud and fangirl at JYJ AND TVXQ!!! :DD

    The most annoying thing about kpop fans is that they think their favourite group is so perfect and talented and the moment someone says something bad about their favourite group, they suddenly start bashing. Its so stupid. As much as people love, let's say Snsd, they are ignorant to the fact that most of the girls can't sing that well. I remember one time i said that DARA couldn't sing and suddenly people started calling me "ugly, and a worthless untalented fan who should keep her mouth shut that's not worthy to be a blackjack. They're ones who should keep their mouth shut.

    Sorry i got into a little bit of a rant over there ^_^;;

  5. Hey! Finally you're back!! When I first read your post about a hiatus, I almost lost it. Seriously! I thought to myself, OH MY GOD!! Now what am I gonna read!!
    I'm glad you're back so now I get to read your posts again!!

  6. I pretty much agree with this list.
    I love DBSK(5), have for the past 4 years. I support both sides, buuuuut I'm such an audio snob that I can't really listen to JYJ's music with out getting pissed off by the production quality. I take production quality really seriously, and I legitimately fume when I hear half-assed production. I know its not really JYJ's fault, but its seriously coming in between my relationship as a fan with them.

  7. Hi there :) First off, congratulations on graduating and choosing to go to UP. I assure you that it's a great decision :D

    Second, welcome back :) I've actually been reading your blog for quite some time but I never commented before today :)) I tend to write a lot, then get lazy, then lose my train of thought, then decide that I have nothing important to say so I end up not commenting anymore -- lol sorry XD But nevertheless, I find your opinions fearless and substantial, even if I don't agree with everything 100% :) You're a good writer and your reviews are good reads -- it would be a pleasure to discuss things with you at least via the internet. I'll try to comment more in the future so that we can have a nice online convo :))

    Third: Just wanna say that I agree with you about Teen Top and MBLAQ. I try to give both groups a chance because my friends are such big fans but I just can't stand them for the reasons you pointed out.

    MBLAQ needs to loosen up and find themselves so that they don't look like they're forcing an image that isn't them. Natural is really the way to go if you're a performer.

    Teen Top needs better songs. And stylists. And vocal coaches. Heck, I think they can fire everyone but the choreographer. I'm so sorry if that sounded harsh or something but I personally think that they have nothing going good for them as an idol group. Well, they have synchronization in choreography but I think co-rookie group Infinite does it better.

    As for Piggy Dolls, naming them that was such a douche move on the part of their company. I feel bad for them because I fear that the first thing that'll come to mind when they're mentioned is their appearance, no thanks to their group name. Even worse, if they ever force themselves to lose weight and succeed, the entertainment media will ignore the song and focus on their ~miraculous transformation~, call them ironic etc etc. Such bad values to promote, really.

    Originally I planned to come back with a rage rant about the "new generation" of k-pop fans and how some of them (NOT ALL OF THEM) piss me off beyond belief that would eventually lead to a new special, but then I thought coming back with anger after almost 3 months away isn't such a good idea.

    I do hope you do this one day though :) It'd make a great discussion :))

  8. I am lovin' your comeback and Big Bang love. LOL! Checking out the JYJ song now. BRB!

  9. First off, thank you so much for all the comments, RTs, and for sharing the link with your friends and whatnot! I feel so loved - it's definitely good to be back!

    Jenn: :D

    LaurenLCD: Aww, thanks! Personally I liked the production on the Korean version better, but that's because I think the Japanese one lacks intensity. Which is strange because I tend to lean more towards Japanese production. With the exception of "A Fool's Only Tears", "Haru Haru", "Sunset Glow", "Foolish Love" and "Gara Gara Go", I prefer them live! :D

    I do think half of the time Jonghyun deserves the praise, and his performances are generally effortless. But yeah, there are instances when he tries too hard to do something he can't - like that high note on "Lucifer".

    Hmmm. I'll think about it? I wouldn't rule it out, but it's not on the queue right now. I just want to do everything I have planned, then think of what else to do. :D

    a_chan: It's plain, but it's strong. And compared to the rest of After School, bar Jung Ah because she's brilliant, it's good.

    Ugh sorry for the mistake. I was kinda out of it when I was writing those reviews. D:

    Awww, thank you! I hope I live up to your expectations though!

    Bonnie: Hahah. :D Thanks! But shouldn't you be studying for midterms and not reading my reviews? o.O

    AKP. Blegh. If you follow me on Twitter you know how I feel about them, especially since I worked in k-pop news for over a year. ;D

    Hahah. Big Bang haven't lost their ability to perform though, I'll give them that. Even if they're a mess musically and it does seem like they're no longer a group.

    Anonymous1: Good to know you're excited! :D

    Anonymous2: I do agree that it's not like it was before, but then again SME production is top-quality in Korea, so anything less is really sub-par. However I do think the 3 can learn - they have to. They've already become pretty competent composers, it's the technicalities that make a good song that they need to focus on now.

    Momo: Thanks! :D hahah. It's all I've ever known from kinder to now - I wouldn't choose anything else!

    Thank you so much for the compliments! It really means a lot, especially after all the crap I've had to go through just to do this. D:

    Hahah. The rage rant has been in the works for months now, but there are times when I hesitate to publish it because of how harsh it is. Its time will come. Hopefully soon!

    rcLoy: LOYYYYYY! You should. And check out the entire EP while you're at it. :D


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