In case you weren't with me last year, I've taken quite a liking to After School, after "Bang!" drew me in. Part of me is in it for the talent, which a lot of them posses, but part of me is in it for reasons I don't know - they make me want to see them do well. I like them - they have attitude, some of them can sing, they've had both decent and amazing material over the years, and they have Jung Ah. End of. If they could all sing well, they'd most probably be my all-time favorite girl group.

So anyway. Since it's been ages since I've done any serious following with the accompanying writing, why not start with After School? This week is comeback week, so for this week, and the week after - I'll be tracing their releases.

A review of the single once it's out, as well as my first album review in over 3 months (!) once the album's out. Of course they'll be featured on this weekend's music show recaps, and to top it all off a vocal commentary, my first in nearly a year (!), next week. I'll be doing some preliminary writing over the next few days, and finalizing everything once the album and the live performances are out.

Now this teaser. More than a song I absolutely adore, to be honest with you I want a song they can actually sing live. I will beg to Pledis on my knees if I have to - they got it right with "Bang!", they better get it right with "Shampoo". Of course if I like the song it's a big plus, but if I like the song and they can't sing it live that would be a disaster. And I so badly want them to do well - because majority of them deserve it. (We'll talk about who I want to graduate on my vocal commentary) Something that's a cross between "Because of You" and "Bang!" would be great, thanks Pledis.

Any guesses? Leave them in the comments section!


  1. Yay. POPREVIEWSNOW is finally back full force.

    And what a better way to whet my appetite for some After School than this write-up.

    Can't wait to catch the great N's review on "Shampoo" and the vocals of the AS girls.

    Once again, welcome back PRN. Missed you a lot.


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