Ashley Tisdale - Love Me For Me

Artist: Ashley Tisdale
Album: Headstrong
Year: 2007

Rating: 4.1/5

Ashley Tisdale probably shot to fame thru High School Musical and the Suite Life, prior to that, I had no idea who she was. After HSM, she signed a record deal with Warner music, who gave her very mature songs, even more mature than what Vanessa was doing, which was under Disney.

This song could've been on her album if she was with Disney but her singles, maybe the execs would think about them. I've got to admit, this song is actually good. Her voice isn't that nasal in this song, maybe because of the range or whatever but generally, it's a great song.

It also shows that she's not a one trick pony, she can sing a lot of different stuff. Ok, I may be a bit biassed because I loved HSM two years ago but still, you gotta admit, she is kinda talented.


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