Girls Aloud - The Show

Artist: Girls Aloud
Album: What Will the Neighbors Say?
Year: 2004

Rating: 4.5/5

Very few reality show-made bands make it big in the industry. Actually, Girls Aloud is the only band to actually last for more than two years.

They were formed in 2003 via Pop Stars: The Rivals, the spin-off to the show which made Hear'Say, the one-hit wonders. On the show, 'One True Voice', who were the biggest flops in the history of boybands, were also made. The style of the show was very much like X Factor, auditions then boot camp then live shows until five girls are left then they form the band and release a single in the bid for Christmas Number One.

Girls Aloud went to number one with their first single, and did it two more times. They're kinda techno/dance/pop-inspired and all their songs are so different that fans will keep wanting more. Like I said with Jesse McCartney, he slowly changed then had one drastic leap from pop/rock to R&B. Girls Aloud on the other hand, took it slower but if you compare their first album to their latest, you can hear the difference.

Their sophomore album was when they were facing what I stated in the previous post, whether to change or stay the same. They went with a very slow change that took three studio albums and a greatest hits compilation to clearly hear. Like a big leap, it's hard as well to make slow changes and I commend them for that as well.

This song is extremely techno-driven to the point that the song can do without vocals. It's also very memorable for me because it's the first Girls Aloud song I ever heard in which I knew that they were the ones singing it.

You could imagine this playing in the hottest clubs all over the world, it's so catchy and sounds so American that I wonder why they never even tried to break into the US. Sad.


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