Brie Larson - Hope Has Wings

Artist: Brie Larson
Album: Finally Out Of P.E.
Year: 2005

Rating: 4.5/5

Brie Larson. She's one of those neglected yet fantastic artists, like a lot of other people who want to break the industry but don't have this and that. A few weeks ago, I noticed something in my classmates' taste in music. I noticed that they only listen to what's number one on the local music channel, what's charting or what had charted previously, they never bother to look for other tracks that are fantastic and I think this is what happens with people like Brie Larson.

The song is pure pop, you can imagine this in a Disney movie. The melody matches her song like a glove, unlike a few others in her album. I really love this song, I first imagined it to be slow, a ballad to to precise but when I heard it for the first time, I was amazed and impressed, I never thought she'd be able to do something like this.

You could say that she can use this song to break even the Disney market because the next step after Disney is usually charting in the US top 25, which can be big for her and her music, I really hope she gets far in the future.


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