Leona Lewis - Misses Glass

Artist: Leona Lewis
Album: Spirit - US Release

Rating: 4.1/5

So, Leona Lewis, the new Mariah/Whitney or whoever, as everyone's saying. She has the people and the songs to lead a generation but her voice is not quite Whitney. Give her some time, maybe two or three years and we might see small changes and by 2013 maybe, she might just follow in their footsteps.

Leona Lewis is only the sixth female UK artist to top the Billboard charts, a feat in itself. 'Bleeding Love' was number one in the UK for seven weeks, making it the longest running number one single by a female artist in the UK. Obviously, it was the biggest-selling single of 2007.

Ok, we have all these records for just one single. 'Better in Time/Footprints in the Sand', her second single from 'Spirit' wasn't as good as 'Bleeding Love', only reaching number two on the UK charts. Which makes me wonder, can she really be the next big thing? Can she sustain her success? Well, based on 'Misses Glass', she may just be able to salvage her career if it goes all wrong.

'Misses Glass' is a mid tempo on the verge of an up tempo song which screams R&B. Everything about this song is R&B and clearly, it's aimed at the US market, one of the two songs which will be added to her US release. 

The song is kinda like 'Bleeding Love', the anxious and/or 'tight' verses that seem like she's rushing to the chorus and short high notes which can get a bit annoying at times. Then the chorus is jam packed with background vocals and compression like any R&B song and I get annoyed at times.

She should be thankful that the melody of the song is above average, which is why I will actually listen to the song. Over-all, the song is fine, there are the 'required' high notes from her, just to boast about her range and the compression mixed with rap and a few lines. 

Want it? Buy the album in the US when it hit shelves on April 8.


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