BIG BIG things are happening..

Pop Reviews Now is alive because of my love for writing, it's alive because I want to change the pop music industry and shift the focus back to the actual music. Last year was a brilliant year for me, I know I keep on saying it but it's true. Little did I know that this year, bigger things would be happening to me and this tiny little blog.

My year started with PRN being linked to Babelpop and me writing for OMGKPOP. I got hired as a Global Moderator for The Kpop Nation, got promoted to Administrator/News Editor. That's what happened to be in January - PRN, Babelpop, OMGKPOP and The Kpop Nation.

It's February 5 and this morning I got an e-mail that I personally think will turn my whole year around for the best - I'm being offered a writing position at's music section. That's like, THE BIGGEST THING EVER. Like, it's not just some website put up by fans - THIS IS VIRGIN.COM FOR CRAP'S SAKE. That's like writing for DMG or PopJustice only without the stuff that make those blogs them.

OK. I'm still overwhelmed, forgive me if I said something strange. ANYWAY. I took a day to think about it and after talking to 5 people whose opinions MATTER for me, I took the job.

YES, I am now a contributing writer for My first article should be up sometime this weekend.


  1. YAYAYAYAY So happy for you! I know it's overwhelming but think of all the things you are ALREADY accomplishing that writers only dream of having the opportunity to do -- and you're still in high school!

    Couldn't be prouder! Let us know when the articles appear online! :)

  2. WOW! Congratulations!!! You deserve it, you're one of the most hard-working bloggers i know, yo! :)

  3. Ditto all of the above comments!!!

    That's absolutely amazing - Congratulations!!! That's HUGE! - Congratulations again!


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