2NE1 - Try To Copy Me

Even with only 2 singles and one EP out, 2NE1 have been continuously proving that they're a force to be reckoned with - can they sustain it with this new digital single?

At first listen I personally don't like the single - I don't like the arrangement, I don't like the production and I don't like the treatment of the vocals BUT, I've come to know that those things kind of mean nothing when it comes to a 2NE1 single - recordings weren't their claim to fame for me. Yeah sure this recorded version is the basis of everything and it has to be presentable at the very least but I didn't like Fire or I Don't Care recorded either.

The thing with 2NE1 and pretty much most of YG is that they're performers - the only thing that really matters on this song is the melody and the raw version of the song. This recording is the basis, it's not a definitive version and it's not really the one you should use to judge it - it's the live performances. The re-arragements, the added stage presence, the choreography - that's what I personally think you should look at 2NE1 for.

So because of that point, I won't say that Try To Copy Me is good, I'll say that is has potential. If we're basing on current popularity and past success alone, this song is a sure hit. If we're basing on musicality of the recording, it's a fail - I don't think it's that musically proficient nor is it anything special or new. If we're basing on how well this song works live, I think it's safe to say that it'll work very well.

The arrangement is very reminiscent of their Fire days and some of the melody parts are similar to those of I Don't Care - that's somewhat a good thing for me. It means that these girls (or their songwriters) have a very clear idea of where their music is going and how their material will grow and progress. Straight out of the bag, Try To Copy Me is a growth - it's not a mirror, it's not a complete change, it's a growth. It sounds like their previous hits but it's also it's own song.

Strip away the processing/auto-tune, strip away the cheap instrumental and you actually have a very American R&B-ish melody. Slap on a eurocrap loop or a stereotypical R&B loop like something the Brave Brothers use and the song will still make sense. I think that's what makes 2NE1 themselves and honestly, I can't wait to hear this song live.

3/5 for the recorded version.


  1. Well Im A HUGE 2NE1 Fan & Honestly I Like Anything They Put Out
    if its Catchy i'll take it

  2. This particular single reminds me a lot of M.I.A.'s musical style. And it kind of makes sense to me, because both 2NE1 and M.I.A.'s music sound 10x better on a live stage, no?

  3. I think 3/5 is quite generous. I personally couldn't even finish the song [stopped at 2 minutes the first time] I had to force myself to listen to it for fair judgement. I would only give it a 2/5

    Now back to what you said. I'm actually a bit afraid for these girls. Yes YG is supposedly "live performers" but personally, I don't see it too much in 2ne1. CL / Minzy is overflowing with charisma, Dara does too [though she can't sing]. Bom on the other hand is very weak in stage presence and looks insanely awkward during all performances. I don't think the song will be "much" better live. :S

    Personally, I thought their mini album was pretty dope, but they sucked at performing it half the time.

  4. It's a CF song so they won't perform it.. I think so... I hope so XD


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