Nothing to do with music but I honestly wonder why boybands have such an affinity for head-shot album covers.

Exhibit A
Westlife's debut album Westlife

Exhibit B
JLS' debut album JLS

Exhibit C
DBSK's greatest hits album Best Selection 2010

ANYWAY. I just wanna say that my writing/posting around here will be less frequent, for a number of reasons. My life outside the internet is really hectic at the moment and I'm stressed to the max. Then add all the stuff I have going on for me here online - Babelpop, OMGKPOP, The Kpop Nation AND my writing position - and we have disaster. Add the fact that the rules and guidelines for the literary award I SO want to win (still) are gonna be out in a few weeks and I have a mental breakdown coming soon - I can feel it.

I won't be taking a hiatus or anything nor will I ever stop posting here, it's just that PRN is the one thing I can do less of and no one will kill me or clobber me - there's no one depending on me besides myself. As if I'd ever let go the one thing that started everything I've ever been able to achieve.

Once again, my posts here will be LESS FREQUENT. They WILL NOT STOP. That also means that once again, the vocal commentary special will be temporarily on hold. TEMPORARILY.

I hope you guys understand that I personally think I've got way too many things going on for me right now and I need to just step back and let everything fall into place.

Oh and PS, the new DBSK track is BRILLIANCE. And we've only got 2 minutes worth. I've spazzed over it on Twitter - that's enough! Listen here.


  1. Interesting thought. Probs because in a boy band (at that stage) it's all about marketing, being cute and appealing to the girls...hmmm.

    Understandable, love. Take your time and breathe.

    Oh, and that DBSK Greatest Hits Record? When is that out? I may have to scour Amazon and shell out ridiculous amounts for that one.

  2. oh the boys just love their head shots. I could say many things about it but some are rude so I won't :) I quite like them though probably for the reason Mel said :P


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