At this point, VV Brown needs no introduction - highly hyped, critically acclaimed, this girl is fantastic. I'll admit that it took some time for her music to sink in to me but now that it has, GAH. Pop but with a hint of non-mainstream-ness - catchy hooks, rich vocals and brilliant arrangements. Like, I'm in heaven.

So OBVIOUSLY, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to interview her. Like, OMG. Apart from looking FANTASTIC on my portfolio, I actually genuinely like the girl. Yay!

1. You were a very highly-anticipated artist during your debut and you've gotten a lot of critical acclaim - how does/did that praiseaffect you and the way you perform/make music?

I'm a recluse. I just perform, studio, family, beach if I'm in LA, vintage stores if I'm in New York. It hasn't changed me. Quantum physics has made me realise a lot. Things aren't as real as they seem so why let them effect you. Just be in the space and create.

2. Your music is described as a lot of things but how would you describe it?

Alternative pop. I'm a lover of fusion and irony contradiction and zeitgeist. I just be open and pour in whatever I feel like a spontaneous chef. I like Pollock paintings. They hyptnotise you by the many colours.

3. What do you think singers and artists nowadays need to succeed commercially and/or critically? Why?

Patience and record company that believes in patience. Strong identity and the respect of melody.

4. If you were to try breaking any other market apart from your own (UK) and the US which you're trying to break, which country would it be? Why?

France and we are. We had a number 1 on the i-Tunes chart. Fantastic. Paris is so tasteful

5. How do you approach trying to enter the US market? Is it any different than how you would do things in the UK? Why or why not?

Touring and discovery. Just have to be myself and let the stars align. No. Music has a life of its own. I don't try and over think things. I just make music and try and be creative.

6. If you hadn't received the amount of attention and acclaim as you have, would you ever consider making your music 'more commercial'? Why or why not?

No. I'm happy with the album and just want to make a record that is me. Those moments will come. Black Eyed Peas' first record wasn't as pop as now as many other artists. Its a journey. It is what it is and happy in that place.

7. Do your personal tastes in music affect the material you put out?

Totally. I produce and write my songs so its a natural marriage. Everything you are is your music so its a collective bundle of frequencies from my frequencies all clicking together. So that includes my loves, dislikes, desires, plans, feelings, preferences etc

8. What's next for you? Apart from breaking the US, what else would you like to do in the near future?

Slowly but surely promoting record, touring, comic book I'm doing and growing. Turn my graphic novel into a animation movie. will be launched April 2010. Its a political cartoon adventure of enlightenment of the creative mind. Its my baby !

9. What do you want to be remembered for in the next 10 or 20 years?

For being a modern renaissance woman.

You know where to find her. GO! lol.


  1. Ooh! Congratulations, that's an amazing opportunity and It made for good reading - Thanks, and Congrats again!

  2. She's having a showcase here on Tuesday. I'm hoping I can find a friend and go. :) Will try to get pics if I do. :)


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