4Minute's Manila Showcase

I've written my pieces on OMGKPOP and The Kpop Nation but those were all very news-y - no biases, little comments here and there. But this post is different - none of that journalistic crap. This is what I REALLY thought of the showcase.

The girls were here and I don't necessarily like them but they're Korean and I had to cover the event for OMGKPOP and The Kpop Nation. Did I have fun? No, I didn't.

I don't like 4Minute to start with and I wasn't really gonna go but as the showcase drew nearer, I said why not. So I told the blogs I write for that I was going and asked for some kind of press pass to help get me a good spot. They didn't work though. At least Allkpop wasn't on the supposed 'press list' as well - I would've blown up if they were.

The staff members I talked to were uninterested and glare-y and it's like they didn't want the press coverage. I don't think they know how many people internationally visit the blogs I write for and how a damn good review along the blogs circuits can make a difference. It's not that I'm saying this just because I didn't get a front-row spot or had to buy an EP I didn't really want just to get in, it's that the staff didn't seem like they were interested in the event.

So I got in an hour before the concert was supposed to start. I was in the supposed VIP section about halfway in and I couldn't get any further in. Crap support act singing crap covers I don't even want to mention and cheap hosts speaking wannabe American English.

I was surrounded by a couple of wannabes and fanboys singing Hot Issue in what they thought was Korean when it actually wasn't. If you can't sing it, do your research before you go a to a concert and start screaming along to the singing.

The announcer guy got some terms REALLY wrong but I can't really remember so I won't bother.

So I was there and the girls finally came on stage at around 5:30 only to mime about 85% of the time. I'm not really sure if they mimed their cover of Stick Wit U but either way, I wasn't really interested in watching - I just shot the video and took pictures for the articles I had to write.

Gah. Media from the showcase:



My more 'professional' articles are on OMGKPOP and The Kpop Nation.


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