The new B2ST teaser BRILLIANT. Or so I think it'll be.

Last year I crowned them victorious over fellow rookie boyband MBLAQ but my consensus what that they didn't have striking material yet. They had material that sold them and they had decent vocals but nothing out of the ordinary.

When news of their comeback first broke, they said they'd be coming back with a 'heavy metal' sound. I was skeptical but I said I would wait before denouncing them - I was right in not believing a Kpop boyband would even attempt to do heavy metal. Like, even if they tried, I don't think it'll sell.

All I have is a teaser, but the teaser is enough for now. I hope.

From the one-minute clip, the song is less pop/R&B and more in the realm of a Big Bang release - sounds like something YG would mastermind. It also sounds very American, like something they'd push in the US (MEL! lol.) which I don't find surprising since Cube signed a deal with Universal last year and the whole Korean wave thingy's trying desperately to open the floodgates in the US.
SO, the album is out next week, we hear the song next week as well. And from what I hear, their comeback is next week as well (any B2uties around to clarify?) so YAY. Full review to come when I hear the song.


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