[August 13, 2010] KBS Music Bank Highlights + Commentary

K. I'm SO tired, so apologies for not recapping everything today - it's my first rest day since the big test AND midterms. Will only be doing comebacks/debuts, and "major" performances, and there are a lot of those already. Hopefully by tomorrow I get a full recap out. *sigh*

Video credit goes to UnknownCarrot160.

Nine Muses - No Playboy
They are probably the main example of all looks, no style OR substance. The song doesn't go anywhere, it's not even that good, and they can't pull it off live. The only thing that's supposedly "sophisticated" about them is how they're dressed, but even that deserves a slight eyebrow raise. It's an absolute pain to listen to them sing, and I think I wanna cry hearing them rap. It's obviously a no, and not until they get some actual vocals.

G.NA - I'll Back Off So You Can Live (review/The Kpop Panel Review)
She's starting to show more expressions on stage, which is good - did she need a win on M! countdown yesterday to be able to do that? Whatever the case, today's performance was a lot better than the last one I saw. Still very far from being a damn good performer, but she's closer than she was last week - if she's improving, she'll keep it up until she gets to where she should be. Hopefully, that comes ASAP.

D-NA - No One.. Anyone
I love the song when they do it live, and their live vocals are just WOW here, but they can't command an audience by just lifting a hand - yet. OMG IS THE RAPPER SINGING? Kinda? They pull off the epic-ness of the song very well, and holy crap who would've known they just debuted earlier this year. I am a bit disappointed though that there's a high possibility they won't get very far because they don't have a major agency backing them, but who knows, they might "break barriers". We'll see.

Rainbow - A
This is like a badly-produced Hurricane Venus, in the sense that it's all style and no substance. I mean, how long are the verses in relation to the "hook" or chorus or whatever that thing is? The treatment of their vocals sounds like the one they use on Kara, which is a pity because the girls who are actually singing (I noted 3 different girls) aren't that bad. The ones mock-singing are crap, but those three girls taking the verses actually have potential, given the state of the rest of the band. Like I've learned to say in kpop though, this is better than what we had before - Gossip Girl was so horrid, I don't even want to talk about it.

Secret - Madonna
I'll say my piece on the song itself when I review the EP this weekend, but this is what I mean when I say being able to carry anything and make it look good. Every move they make, even if the choreography is slightly all over the place at parts, has a sense of sophistication - in the future, they can potentially command an audience by just standing there. It's not impossible for them, that's all I can say. Good enough vocals today, but could be better. I expect improvement over the next few weeks!

SHINee - Lucifer (review/The Kpop Panel Review)
BEST. PERFORMANCE. OF LUCIFER. EVERRRRRRR. I'm clapping. And standing up. And smiling like a madwoman. Jonghyun, this is the first time I'm saying this since promo for Lucifer started - that was one hell of a performance from you. As usual, Onew was in top form, as were Key and Taemin, AND MINHO'S DANCING AGAINNN! See, an outstanding band has the power to carry themselves on stage, even without backup dancers - doesn't matter how many you have, you don't even need any, all that matters is how well you sing+dance, and how you carry yourself on stage. I can die happy now, knowing that SHINee will most likely take over DBSK's place in kpop, and do it well. (even if I so badly want DBSK back, I know it's not gonna happen any time soon)

BoA - Hurricane Venus (The Kpop Panel Review) (WINNER)
She can sing, no doubt (i now retract my statement on the kpop panel that she can't even sing her own song), but I'm not convinced - the song itself is all style, and no substance. The performance was strong, but it didn't make me fall in love with the song, nor did it make me look at BoA in a different light - it's just.. there. Nothing captivates me, nothing catches my eye, and the song goes right through me. I just named Identity one of the best modern pop albums, and then she goes and lets me down with this? Oh well.


  1. oh gosh i didnt know jonghyun had that in him! those ad-libs and harmonies he did were amazing! but i think if minho would to brush it up a little this would have been perfect!!!

    boa was still awesome to me! i feel that its more of the song and the choreography thats lacking than her! her voice is awesomee

  2. SHINee!!! I miss seeing all 5 of you dancing (though Minho was a bit rusty and missed a few steps - totally understandable).

    They're harmonizing...or Jonghyun was. I agree that he was very good today - did not sound wild but voice still a bit strained. I'm worried about him as I would like to be able to hear him sing Romantic or Y Si Ella Fuerza flawlessly even when he's 40 yrs old. LOL.

    Onew's really stepped up his game and a lot of people are taking notice. He sounds and looks more confident on stage and his vocals has been awesome(thank you BWB musical...hehe).

    Key looked great but he sounded a bit shrill in some parts. Taemin looked fierce and I can't help but be proud of how much his lives have improved. The vocal training seems to be paying off.

    Boa was much, much better today maybe bec she's more relaxed. I still do not like the song but I can now see that she is indeed a great performer.

  3. I actually enjoyed Nine Muses - at times their singing got quiet and or their singing would sound off, but they kept my attention more than other performers.
    G.na is doing much better than when she first debuted now, and she has such finesse on stage.
    I like D-NA, but not a huge fan on the song.
    Rainbow and Secret are largely forgettable for me, nothing special in either of their performances. Except that "Madonna" sounds incredibly like "Magic."
    I really, really wish SHINee came back with a better song. I really dislike their material...
    Congrats to BoA. ^^ I like her song, it's okay, and she performs well.

  4. Thanks. I believe D-na is better rookie group in these year. But, small company, small promotions, small sucess. Mikka is great singer...remembers A LOT Jaejoong. and YEAH, the rapper sings well.

  5. i realized the reason why the shinee performance was so kickass: hand mics. whenever they're given the head mics, they (especially jonghyun) tend to oversing because the head mounted mics are flying all over the place and they want it to pick them up properly.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Yt42cNkWSk&feature=channel

    best lucifer performance.


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